Prepper Gear Box



This is another great subscription for those manly men in your life. Prepper Gear Box is a survival and preparedness box, maybe for the wilderness, self defense, it’s super insane and they are killing it! You can expect 2-3 high quality hand picked items to get you ready and prepared for anything. It also comes with some tips, this month came with ‘How to Make a Solar Still’ and ‘Self-Defense Pressure Points’, so it has tips on how to take down your offender! In this box;

  1. Morakniv Companion  – This is a beautiful knife, made in Sweden! Perfect for outdoor adventures, super sharp, perfect for camping!
  2. Tactical Pen w/ Glass Breaker – This pen is great, a coworker has one that I wanted so bad, was looking for where to find out and presto! Finally have my own! These can get you out of sticky situation, break glass and goof for self-defense.
  3. True Utility FireStash Keyring Lighter – What a great tool for camping, easy to carry, weatherproof and ready to use!

Their past boxes look absolutely kickass, love the tree snare kit, fuel cubes, pocket stove, and the knives in each box are insane, the Tac-Force one was sweet. The slingshot is sweet, Learn to be prepared, get that confidence, learn the skills in order to survive! They have some awesome giveaways too, follow them on FB & Insta, wish I won that tent and axe!!! Starting at only $21 per month is insane, I just wish I could order all the past boxes! Save 10% on your first box with code IG10. Order here;

<a href=””>Give your favorite guy the gear they want</a>


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