Lucky U Box


How pretty in pink is this Lucky U Box? They are pretty consistent with including amazing products, new flavours and fun themes and have always been a favorite of mine. This entire box was full of fun new treats in different flavours I had never tried before so I was pretty quick to snap a pic so I could start enjoying all the yummy goodness. Although these jam packed boxes are supposed to be care packages for your kids sent off to college, I would actually get this box for myself and I graduated years ago! There’s no limits to who and why you should gift this box, so although it’s a College Care package, I’m going to go ahead and say this box is for anyone an everyone. They have a theme each month, including Birthday, Greek (for sororities and fraternities), a Valentine’s box, Halloween, and so much more! They can even add a free personalization of a photo or note you want attached! How sweet of them! In this box;

  1. Boom Chicka POP – milk chocolate cupcake flavoured, ohhhh yum!
  2. Sahale – pomegranate vanilla flavoured cashews sooo good
  3. REvive natural energy shot – a shot of caffeine for when u really need it
  4. Extras – paper straws, pink heart sunglasses, super cute napkins, lollipops, TicTacs, lipgloss and makeup sponge
  5. Larabar – chocolate chip bar, great for an energy bar at work
  6. Project 7 gum – ooo a cotton candy flavour? Yum!
  7. YumEarth – these sours are delicious, love these watermelon lemonade
  8. Bear yoyos – these raspberry roll ups are so good!
  9. Annie’s cheddar crackers – nice little treat
  10. Ghirardelli chocolates – yuuum drool
  11. Belgian Boys – mmmm fav! Mini cookie stash are soooo good, love cookie butter!

Starting at only $32.50 you can send someone a jam packed care package with FREE shipping, including yourself! Order here;

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