Amoda Tea – July



Well I LOVE their website! Very well done, great photography goes such a long way in this industry and these guys have it down! Sign up for their monthly subscription for hand picked samples of some amazing tea from North America. Each month you will get 4 specially picked teas along with biodegradable tea filters! In this box;

  1. Coconut Bellini – Holy moly… that name says it all, sounds deliciouuuuus! This is obviously perfect for an iced tea which was their plan of course during those hot summer months. There are chunks of coconut in this one, and orange peel. Creamy and citrusy!
  2. African Queen – Another tea to be iced, full of strawberry apple and hibiscus and flavors! This one is caffeine free.
  3. Purple Tea – Sounds interesting, and brews purple! What?! This would make a good cocktail tea! This has the same antioxidants that blueberries have, sooo it must be healthy as heck!
  4. Glowing Green – This is a Kenyan tea, apparently we are the first to try it too before it’s released to the public!

They also sell a travel set for $17 that includes biodegradable disposable tea filters, a measuring spoon for the perfect cup of tea and an ethically-made pouch to carry everything! This box also comes with a $35 gift card for Namaste Yoga as well, checked out their site a can’t wait to use it! Perfect to combine a little yoga and a little iced tea to soothe and refresh the mind. Get an extra 10% when you sign up for their email newsletters! Use code membershipfree for free shipping off orders over $20! FREE shipping with monthly subscriptions thou which are only$18 a month. Order here;


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