NOLA Brew Bus


One of my favorite things to do at home is visit all the amazing breweries, so I felt that what better way to explore New Orleans craft beer scene than with the NOLA Brew Bus! This was definitely the highlight of my trip down south last week. An absolute must if you are a craft beer fan, and even better if you are looking to learn more about the process of making beer while getting a quick history lesson on Nawlin’s by their licensed! With a booming industry that continues to grow, a brewery tour is the perfect way to catch all the new breweries if you are a local, or the perfect ‘Big Easy’ adventure if you’re a tourist! The tour is perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties as you get to ride in a super fun party bus and you get a safe ride home!

You’ll get a chance to visit 3 of the local breweries like NOLA Brewing, Miel Taproom & Brewery, Port Orleans Brewing, Urban South Brewery and Brieux Carre Brewing Co, and they have the Uptown tour on the weekends as well as the Tchoup Hop tour during the week. Each tour is 3 hours with a behind the scenes tour at one of the breweries and 5 full beer drink tickets. Can’t finish your brew? Too bad! Just kidding, hee hee, in New Orleans you can just bring your beer to go in a plastic cup! Choose from a private tour where picked up where you choose and can include up to 20 people or a public tour where you are picked up at their headquarters in the French Quarter and joined by other excited individuals. There are tons of options for the private tour where you can add a Dinner Package, which looks soooo drool worthy with brisket, pork, ribs, chicken and all the other sides that come with a BBQ feast! They even have ghost and walking tours!

On my tour we went to Port Orleans where we had a behind the scenes brewery tour and I tried a delicious Brown Ale. They had a crawfish boil out front so I popped over to give one a try and HOLY, so amazing! I highly suggest sitting down and grabbing a few pounds to share! Next we went down the road to NOLA. I loved this one, they had like 7 different sours! I tried the Cherry, Earl Grey, Blueberry…. so good, loved the Oyster Stout too but my fav was the Beermosa, yummmm. They have a sweet upstairs with music and an outdoor patio that we relaxed on, super friendly customers too! Lastly we went to Urban South. This brewery is super fun and family friendly with arcade games and a massive seating area. They had some amazing beers on tap, I had an ammmmazing It Takes 2 To Mango concoction with slush, it was drool worthy. My group was super inviting and friendly and our tour guide was such a sweetheart, and so knowledgeable! She had the answer for all our questions! I would highly recommend this tour when you visit the Big Easy, and I would 100% go on this tour again during my next visit! Thanks NOLA Brew Bus! Ready to book your tour? Head here;



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