Candy Experience


Candy obsessed? Got those sugar cravings? How bout a sweet tooth? Candy Experience will bring you a boat load of sugary sweets each month to satisfy everyone! You can expect 6-7 different types and flavours of sweets and sours with the Original box and 4-5 in the Personal box. Perhaps some warheads, gummy worms, hot tamales, chocolate rocks and the list goes on and on and on! I have a major sweet tooth, missing the days we had 1 cent candies, but still happy running to the store for the 5-10 cent ones! But this box? These are the harder to find sugary sweets, not those bulk ones in your local candy store! In this box;

  1. Warheads sour chewy cubes – ermergerrrrd these are so damn good!
  2. Brach’s jelly bean nougats – ooooh not I love these too! Looove me some nougat!
  3. Assorted mini Swedish fish – yuuummers
  4. Ferrara sour soothers – mmm a classic sour key!
  5. eFrutti peach penguins – similes sweet and peachy!
  6. Beary blue raspberry bears – juicey blue bears, super yummy!
  7. Sour power strawberry banana belts – suuuuper sour!

Got a craving you need filled? This Canadian subscription is only $29.95 for the Original box, and $21.95 for the Personal box each month plus $9.95 for shipping. Order here;

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