Book of the Month – December


Looking to check off that Christmas list? I know what I’d want! A Book of the Month subscription! Okay I’m loving this concept, Book of the Month you are on a roll here! 

This is a slightly different type of subscription box as they let you do some of choosing. Here’s the idea; each month they have 5 judges including a guest judge that select those hidden gem novels you’ve always wanted (not just those books on the bestseller list that every single person has read). Judges can include book editors from O magazine, Esquire, People, best selling authors and guest celebrities like Whoopi! On the first of the month the books are chosen and posted with a quick review to help you make your selection, then you simply choose one hardcover for only $9.99 with free shipping. Avid reader? Each additional book is just another $9.99! The December book selections are;

1. Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller – I was most excited about this one, a story of a wife who hid letters to her husband but never sent them but left them neglected and forgotten among her books. Such a good read and chosen by Steph Opitz who is a Book Reviewer for Marie Claire so knows her stuff! 

2. You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott – a story of the emotional and financial struggle a family goes through to support their daughter, a murder mystery for sure! Chosen by Ken Nguyen who is a book reviewer for GQ.  

3. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon – far more than a boy meeting girl story set over one day in the life of two young ones. Chosen by Dana Schwartz who is a writer for the Observer and working on her own book. 

4. Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce (not shown in photo) – A story of a woman with a hidden past chosen by Liberty Hardy who is often a judge for BOTM. 

5. Whatever Happened to Interracial Love by Kathleen Collins (not shown in photo) – a story that takes you back to the 60’s in a time capsule like no other, very thought provoking. 

Check off your Christmas list with a book subscription for your favorites! Wanna hear something crazy? Book of the Month has been around since 1926! That’s 90 years, and very impressive! Give a Book of the Month subscription and get 50% off a 3-month membership for yourself! That’s just $7.50/month for 3 months!!! Don’t miss out on their contest this month too! Order here;

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