Chef’s Plate – Butter Basted Salmon



Chef’s Plate is one of the my favorite local companies. It’s tough because on one hand I absolutely love to cook, I love trying new recipes and learning new techniques. But on the other I never have every single ingredient with such detailed pictures and instructions. Chef’s Plate is always changing and makes me so excited to get in the kitchen. I realized that this time around I chose meals that I wouldn’t normally make, only to learn how to make that type of food. This time I chose the Butter Basted Salmon with Garlic Mash & Braised Collard Greens because I’ve actually never made salmon at home before and I’ve never made collard greens… or had any clue how to actually prepare them. That’s my favorite thing about this box is that by making it this time, now I have the confidence to make it again on my own.

More about them… they deliver you full meal recipes and ingredients that are even pre-measured. It is super convenient that they deliver it straight to my work or home, with the fix or meat on ice packs. Not only was it simple and easy to make but it was absolutely delicious! I brought the leftovers for my coworker to try and she agreed that it was unbelievable! Each week you can choose from 7 meals for 2 people or 4 meals for family sized. Each week the menus are curated by their culinary team and guest chefs. Their meals are healthy, nutritious and they always have so many options ranging from meat, fish, vegetarian, fresh, local and supporting our local farmers! So spend less time grocery shopping and more time in the kitchen with the family cooking for the ones you love!

Order your plates today, this company ships in BC, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba (sorry southern folks!) they start at only $9.75 a plate for the family meals and $10.95 for the 2 person meals with free shipping and get the first 3 plates FREE with code #SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL here;

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