imageFirst Graze box! The folks over at Graze sure are creative and passionate about their snacks. If you want a new snack pack delivered to your office weekly then this is the box for you. With over 100 snack options ranging from those that prefer sweet or salty, dips or dippers, hot or cold, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free,… the list goes on.

#1 – Honeycomb Almond protein granola topper – Perfect for my daily morning yogurts!

#2 – Thai Tom Yum – I’m a big Tom Yum and Tom Kha fan so am extremely picky about my thai food, this unfortunately, did not impress me at all, the taste was not good at all, it just tasted funky, would not suggest trying this…

#3 – Dehydrated apple slices w/ caramel – These I’m on the fence about, I would suggest warming up the caramel a little, don’t expect anything too crazy here, just apples and caramel.

#4 – Lemon drizzle flapjack – SOOOOO good! Just wish there was more! Tasted like a little slice of heaven, I’m looking forward to trying the other flapjack flavors in the near future!

To get your 1st & 5th box free use code LM5R9F9NB at




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