Swell Coffee Co.


Mmm nothing like a good cup of joe early in the morning on the ranch! Fresh ground coffee beans, a dash of cream and a spoonful of sugar is what I love to wake up. Swell Coffee Co. is a San Diego company that brings you fresh roasted coffee beans, they even roast, bag and ship in the same day so you can smell that freshness when you open a bag at home! They are quite proud of their coffee, with responsibly sourced beans and small batches to ensure you getting the best quality. They have a swell (see what I did there) coffee subscription, just answer some basic questions on consumption and preference.

They have tons of different kinds of coffee coming from far and wide, such as Panama, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Kenya. I loved the Hexelito Honeyed that they sent me from Honduras, that was my fav for sure! Not sure which one to try? Why not get a mixer sampler pack! 6 bags of 2oz samples so you can find your fav, only $15 including shipping, plus use code TRY-SWELL for $5 off! Whaaa, that’s only $10 for 6 small bags of coffee!

They also have some specialty ones like Beach Goth with hints of deep cocoa, molasses and raspberry, and also The Tide is High with hints of Baker’s chocolate and warm spice. They also have tshirts, hoodies, hats, coffee mugs, growlers, mugs, tumblers and camping style coffee packs! Looking forward to visiting them in person when I’m off to San Diego in 2 weeks as they have a location in Mission Beach and Del Mar, woot woot! Check out their online store and get a one time bag of beans for $24 or subscribe to save 10% every month! Order here;


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