Reuse, reduce, recycle! Conserve water! Compost! How are you doing your part to save the environment? How about a little less plastic in the world. Ecozoi does just that with their line of Eco-Safe stainless steel and bamboo product line.

They have a growing range of products that would otherwise use plastic. From the popsicle molds and rack as seen above. Super cute and fun way to make popsicles for the kids or adults. They also have their ice cube tray with an easy release handle that breaks the ice. They also have their Food Steamer Pot In Pot, can but used in a pressure cooker, is stackable and comes with interchangeable lids.

Excited to try their other products too, like the lunch bento boxes, the thermos flask water bottle and of course their bamboo products like the utensils and drinking straws. Such a great idea!

I’m happy that the use Amazon to deliver their products. It was my first time using it to order online and was easier than I imagined! Quick and painless and the item arrived sooner than I thought!

More about Ecozoi. Their products come with a lifetime warranty, are 100% stainless steel and recyclable, they are high quality food grade and come with zero waste packaging.

Order here;

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