Snack Sack


Mmmmm I love SnaaaackSaaack. Can’t believe how many products they jam pack into this box! Let them search out your new fav treats, always surprised with their ability to continually find new companies and new flavors as I can’t find any of these products in stores usually! Another impressive month here and still a top 5 fav company of mine for sure. Their products are natural, junk-free and are all or some of the following; organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, vegan or gluten-free. Love the new totes in each box now, super convenient and can never have enough of these for grocery shopping! In this box;

  1. RawRev raw superfood bars – big fan of these bars, was getting low so happy for another bar!
  2. Made in Nature figgy pops – fruit and nut balls.
  3. Vegan Rob’s beet puffs – these are new to me! Had their mushroom chips but beet puffs? So many fun items!
  4. More Good Life chocolate chip cookie – a healthy vegan gluten free cookie
  5. Keep Healthy Fruitkies bar – this one is chocolate covered mango, how fun!
  6. Nibmor dark chocolate cocoa nibs bar – a whoooole lotta chocolate
  7. Evo Hemp Apple pecan hemp bar – a raw bar for a healthy treat!
  8. Mediterranean Seawater potato chips – yummy olive oil kettle chips
  9. Torie & Howard sour chewie fruities – yummy sour cherry sour candies
  10. Bobalu Nuta roasted and salted almonds – still in the shell!
  11. Laughing Giraffe lemon macaroon – sweet little treats
  12. Pizootz sea salt and cracked pepper peanuts – fancy nuts!
  13. OCHO coconut dark chocolate bar – full of healthy ingredients with a hint of sweet!

Sign up for their newsletter for 10% off for life! Sign up for a monthly box with 11-15 snacks and free shipping for only $22 a month($20.50 a month if you sign up for a years worth!!!), or choose one of their new Gluten Free boxes or Vegan boxes for only $24 a month. They have lots of giveaways as well. You can win $100 by filling out their emailed survey, or you can also get free snacks in your future boxes by reviewing products from your past boxes. Order here;

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