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Darling Delights


How scrumptious do these cookies look? Sugar cookies are by far one of my favorite sweet treats, but I’ve never found a bakery or company that makes these quite as delicious as Darling Delights! They are the perfect option for getting locally made cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other desserts made. Not only are they incredibly soft and delicious but they are creative and will make your event stand out with custom designs and fun shapes!

Vanessa is from Langley and makes absolutely stunning cakes too, perfect for a birthday, wedding or baby shower, engagement party, company party and even wedding! Seriously, check out the marbled buttercream cake she created, it’s impressive! Looking for some cute cupcakes for your kids upcoming birthday? Check out her Peppa Pig post! Too cute! For the cookies, they are my fav and so make options! From holidays to special events, company logos and more! Send Vanessa a DM to find out more and place your order!

The Alabama Pecan Company


Are you pecan obsessed? I don’t know about you but pecan rolls, pralines and pecan pie are some of my fav sweets. Oh and I love crushed pecans in my salad! Mmm yum! Not to mention they are super healthy! Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Luckily there’s The Alabama Pecan Company to get me through my pecan fix!

They specialize in all things pecans, from 100% natural pecan oil for cooking, to pecan meal for baking. They have whole, halved, and pieces, or get them still in the nut and purchase a nut cracker to open them yourself! My fav would be all the coated pecans, from candied, orange, honey crunch, hickory smoked, yogurt coated, you name it, they have it! They have pecan seasoning, pecan butter, candles, brittles, tarts, pies… oh man, are you drooling yet? They even have pecan coffee freshly roasted in Auburn!

I would suggest getting one of their pre-made gift baskets full of the favourites. It’s a great gift idea for the nut obsessed! They offer free shipping for order in the US but they ship internationally as well! Order here;

Pudus Lifestyle Co.


I’ve realized that since I’ve been working from home, switching daily from my daytime to nighttime pyjamas, that I actually didn’t have many comfy items to walk around the house in! I had some old slippers but realized that comfort is my priority right now so need to step up my game with Pudus Lifestyle Co. You’ve likely seen this company before with their famous fuzzy slipper socks with a faux-fur fuzzy and fluffy lining. They are a local BC company that makes animal friendly, PETA approved and vegan accessories that have found their way in the homes of everyone looking for comfort. Although perfect for our cold winters, I actually wear my Pudus products all year round, alternating my indoor and outdoor slippers as they are seriously so cozy and perfect to slip into after a long day of work. Their shop is packed with tons of hats, mittens, ponchos, scarves, and of course, tons of slippers and slipper socks. With TONS of different designs, they have something for the whole family as they have products for babies and toddlers too!

Check out their online shop and be sure to look at the snoods. Never heard that word before, but I love them! They are like a sock for your neck, haha! Choose from tons of products including toques, beanies, cable knit styles, pompoms and more. I also love their fuzzy headbands, perfect for hanging outside after dark as it keeps your whole body warm! Their boot slipper socks are great during the winter to wear in your Hunter boots or rain boots, keeping your warm and cozy in the coldest of places! But my fav is def the slide slippers, I’ve worn mine every single day! Best seller would still be their slipper socks though. They have a pair for everyone in the household with designs ranging from solids and patterns, holiday themes, pets, sports and more!

Get free shipping to Canada and the US with orders over $50! Also, be sure to check out their informative blog and their awesome rewards program to earn yourself some fab deals! Order here;

Chiwis Kiwi Chips


Chiwi’s Kiwi’s! YUM! I’m so kiwi obsessed! Finally a local companies that’s dedicated to making amazing tasting all natural kiwi! Seriously, doesn’t it make you salivate just imaging that sour taste! Drool. But seriously, I love snacking on dried kiwis, it’s such a flavourful packed treat that’s a healthy superfood! They also have the tropical version which is a mixed bag of kiwi, pineapple and coconut. Yessss please! The perfect snack to bring on a hike, picnic, road trip, or a healthy treat to snack on at homes.

These delicious and nutritious bite sized snacks offer a ton of health benefits including a wack of fibre since leave the skins on the kiwis. No added sugars or additives here, just immune boosting Vitamin C, E & K, potassium, folate; minerals, bioactive compounds and antioxidants! Not to mention they are vegan, gluten free and paleo friendly. Kiwis are shown to reduce blood pressure; boost immune systems, improves digestion, fight disease, heart healthy, reduce toxins, helps your eyes, supports pregnancy, the list goes on!

They run from $5.25+ a bag depending how many you order. They are currently offering free shipping in Squamish and free shipping for orders over $100, so stock up! Order here;

Conscious Care


My favourite skincare and body products in Vancouver? Hands down Conscious Care with their natural organic line of handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty free products that leave your hair and body feeling freshed and pampered. 

My favourite product of theirs that is a must have for ALL you ladies is the Hair Bomb Powder. What is it you ask? Dry shampoo that is actually good for you! This anti-dandruff, hair growth stimulant is your go-to for making your luscious locks last for days. Don’t believe me? Then try it for yourself, I use it all the time as no one has time to get dolled up every morning, so this ‘baby powder’ type product saves me every morning. Not to mention it smells sooo good with with the added essential oils, like orange vanilla – ermergerd! Bonus is they have one for brunettes specifically with some cocoa powder! 

Another must try? The Salve! The ‘dopest’ skin care around. Why? It actually has CBD oil in it which helps fight cancers, irritations on the skin like eczema and psoriasis, it’s great for pain relief, cramps, inflammation and headaches! It smells like Mary Jane but I kinda like that it does. Looking for something to just keep your skin smooth? This is still a must have with organic ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter plus all those amazing smelling essential oils. 

My new love for aromatherapy has also brought me to their ‘Into the Woods’ mist which I now use on the daily. Life can be stressful and a spray of this balances me and brings me back to my happy place and reminds me to take a breathe. With its special mix of potions (essential oils obviously) it will provide you with an emotional calming feeling, help you focus and even boosts respiration. 

Another awesome product is the ‘Holy Roller’ ohhh and it’s Holy all right. This headache relief roller which make everything literally fade away. It has the soothing effects of 100% certified organic Arnica as well as the same CBD oil, ooo that stuff is good, plus a ton of relaxation related essential oils. 

Absolutely loving their bath bombs too! The CBD bath bombs will ensure you are nice and relaxed during every bath!

They have tons of other products not mentioned like deodorant and perfumes as well, but you get the gist of it. They are also incredibly affordable too! Such a fun and passionate boss lady running this company too. Working hard and making products she’s proud of is this YVR girls motto! Go VanCity female business owners! Order here;



During these crazy times it’s important to stay healthy. What makes me feel good and ready to start my day is a good sleep. You can’t get a good sleep without a decent mattress, so I’m super happy to share my latest purchase, a Tempur-Pedic! I’ve been on the same mattress for upwards of 10 years now, waking up with back pain, and tossing and turning all night. My back problems have always made sleeping a difficult one, finding a decent position to fall asleep in without doing damage to my already horrible back. I suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease, Osteoarthritis, Disc Bulges, Wedging… all the fun stuff. Recently I’ve been doing some research to find a new mattress and was instantly drawn to the Tempur-Pedics in store. I love a good firm mattress and was in heaven with the memory foam. Did you know that their Tempur material is one of a kind? NASA created ‘viscoelastic’ which is a slow spring back foam containing billions of  open heat sensitive cells which makes Tempur so amazing to sleep on! Conforming to your individual body weight and temperature which provides pressure point relief and allows you to sleep uninterrupted. Obviously I was in love and got one for myself! It was sooo firm the first night, then as it heated up naturally in the bedroom it started to ease down and conform to my body. What an amazing sleep I had that first night!

I also went for the Ergo base since why the heck not! The power base allow you to lift your head up to 57° and your feet to 46°. So you could lay comfortably in bed with a raised head and foot rest while reading, watching tv or just relaxing. There is also a massage feature with different settings that you can preset or test out. This is also a great feature if you snore while you sleep as you can raise the head up to 12° and watch the magic as the snoring fades away!

If you’re from the US, you get the added bonus of free delivery, set up, and removal of your old mattress if you’d like! What a bonus! Mattresses and frames are so heavy, so why not take advantage! I still got free delivery, but to my US mailing address so had to do the heavy lifting on my own, and removal of my own mattress, but wow, was it ever worth it! With your order, you can expect a 10 year warranty and a 90 night trial. I’ve been sleeping on mine for 1 month now and am in heaven. No way and I going back to my old mattress! Be sure to check them out online to find your nearest dealer of Tempur-Pedic, or order online. Find out more here;


Hello Tushy


In a toilet paper frenzy these days? Not me! I was lucky enough to score a bidet from Hello Tushy before the TP panic took over the world. All I can think of now is, what the heck was I doing before? The first time you try one out you’ll scream out loud and then start laughing, this is almost a guarantee folks! But the second time? You’ll see what I mean. You will literally be telling all your friends and family to jump on board! It’s crazy to think of what you did before you were introduced to new and amazing products. This one takes the cake for sure. Age 33 and I’ve never tried a bidet before. Now it’s been the talk of the town! No more running store to store in search of that precious TP. Hello Tushy has your butt covered, literally!

Choose from a Classic for $89 with an insane amount of colour options like bamboo and pink. With this one you’ll get pressure and angle control. Or the Spa version for $109 with the added benefit of temperature control. We have the Classic and it’s perfect! They are insanely easy to set up and no, you don’t need an Electrician or Plumber, just 10mins to install yourself, easy! This purchase seems like a no brainer as it will save you money in the long run, and keep you cleaner and healthier while your at it!

While your shopping online, be sure to check out their other products. They have a compact portable bidet, perfect for camping and traveling, because once you bidet, you never go back! They also have an ottoman which gives you the proper positioning. Also one of my favourite items is their bamboo towels, they are literally the softest towels I’ve ever had! Use code BOXGIRL for 10% off! Find out more and order here;




Ever wonder what your pet is doing at home all day? Want to feel safer when you are away from home? Going on holidays and want to sure your packages aren’t taken from your front step? There are tons of reasons to get a camera system, and there are so many companies to choose from offering different types of methods and programs, apps and subscriptions. The best one I’ve found that I’ve been gushed about to my friends and family is the Wyze Cam. From their simple cam setup to their user friendly app (works with iOS & Android), they’ve got it all! Simply set up your cam in the location of your choice, link the cam to your app and your set, literally that’s it, I was surprised how simple it was! There is no subscription or monthly fees necessary. Just turn the cam on or off, or choose from tons of options that you can customize with the click of a button. Want to turn your motion detector on during your work hours when you are away from home? No problem! Want to speak to your mailman to leave the package at the front door? They have 2 way speaking options where you can hear and speak from your cam! Middle of the night? They have nighttime vision so you can see what’s going on all the time, including the option to pan around the room, zoom in, take photos and record what you see.

I went for the Wyze Cam Pan for our living room so we can watch our cat Callie throughout the day. It’s calming to watch her look out the window to watch the birds, eat her kibble, and nap… pretty much the rest of the time. With a heart condition, we felt like we needed a way to ensure she was okay throughout the day, and this cam has calmed our nerve in such a way that we are so grateful for. Not to mention we can get notified if the smoke alarm goes off! Talk about being rest assured! We also got the Wyze Cam v2 as our backup to watch her in her other sleeping spots in the home. These cams have already saved our butts on multiple locations, including saving us from almost flooding our house and when we had an unexpected visitor, we were notified immediately that someone went into our place, even sending us a recording as proof! Super helpful and reassuring!

Not only do they have multiple cams to choose from but they also have an array of other products including plugs, lightbulbs, sensors and more! Easily control your plugs and lighting from a voice command or push of a button on your phone. Forget to turn off your straightening iron at home? You can turn it off from your phone! Want the lights to turn on when you get home? You can do that too! Easily programmable settings allow you to go on vacation but still turn the lights on so it looks like someone is home. Or preset the mood for dinner or breakfast time. Their products work perfectly with Google Assistant and Alexa! You can easily set timers and turn on vacation mode.

Order here;

Farming Karma Apple Soda


De-li-cious! I’m a huge apple everything fan, apple pie, apple juice, apple sauce, but never have I tried apple soda! I’ve never even heard about this product before, let alone I’ve never thought about it or what it would taste like. This is a great alternative for those who want a pop but don’t want the unhealthy guilt to come with it. No more cola for me when I’ve got these around! There is no sugar added so you don’t have to feel bad when your craving something fizzy but flavourful. I don’t enjoy those sugarless sodas with a pinch of citrus, I like my soda to be more mouth watering, like this! I feel like it’s a cross between an apple juice and apple sparkling juice. It’s got a nice flavour and a good about of carbonation to enjoy at the dinner table for sure. With an apple in each can you know you can serve this to your kids too!

They are local in Kelowna and have a fun location to go visit including a full service RV park, tasting room where you can even fill a growler, and order some apple fries or green apple gelato, they also have cherry juice (since they grow cherries too!) and apple cherry juice. Be sure to check out the picnic area and dog wash station (super random but awesome), watch the production in action, play some outdoor games like disc golf and more!

So enjoy your freshly squeezed Okanagan apple soda! Only $1.99 a can and found in stores across Canada! Find out more here;


Picnic Time


I have another new favorite company to share with you! If you know me well you’d know I absolutely love Picnics. A cozy blanket, charcuterie board and bottle of something yummy is all you need to enjoy the great outdoors. BUT, what about the picnic basket? I’ve always ever used boring ol’ totes to haul all my picnic supplies, but that ends here! Picnic Time is a company that brings the family together with all sorts of products to encourage socializing, eating and enjoying each others company! They have a wide range of products from picnic baskets, outdoor grills, bartending tools and more.

First off, the picnic baskets! When choosing one you’ll want to consider how many people you generally picnic with. I like a romantic picnic for two so went with a smaller basket, this one is the Boardwalk Picnic Basket. They have quality products that include porcelain plates, and stainless steel cutlery, corkscrew and a fun canvas and wooden look. The picnic baskets range from $65 and up and range in size so from a duo set to large family baskets, and styles like watermelon, barrel style and heart shaped (perfect for Valentine’s!) and large fancy ones that include serving trays and blankets. They also have wine baskets which some include a little cheese board and knife, too cute, as well as picnic totes and coolers too. They use ThermoGuard insulation which helps keep your food warm or cold for up to 8 hours so you can keep your picnic fresh and ready to consume.

For barware they have a range of items, from growler bags which are perfect if your riding your bike to get a fill. Beer caddies which are perfect to bring some cold ones to the beach or to a round of golf. They have beer flights which are fun to have a few of for a beer tasting party. They even have a growler tap so you can tap your own growler! Fun! Not into beer? They’ve got tons of wine products too! From wine totes to wine tool sets. Need to tote around a case of wine? They’ve even got a rolling tote for that! Great for big parties and events! Cocktails more your style? They have a range of giftable items like a shot serving tray, perfect for your tequila loving friends. Their whisky box is pretty fancy too which comes with the proper cubes. Bartender on the go? Just bring your tote filled with all the tools you need to create the perfect cocktail for a party! Seriously they are fully stocked and think of everything! All the bells and whistles! One of them includes a 16 piece set including a strainer, tongs, spoon, hammer, muddler, jigger, corkscrew, shaker, paring knife, bottle opener, cocktail picks and a cutting board. Holy moses. That covers it all!

They’ve got plenty of portable totes, coolers, including backpacks and collapsible baskets when you don’t have much space. They have a few different grill and BBQ options as well. From a full BBQ tool set to a full portable BBQ. Don’t forget comfortable seating! Whether your on the side lines of your kids soccer game to the uncomfy wooden benches at a baseball game, they have portable comfy seats for any adventure. They also have umbrellas, sun shades and fully portable picnic tables! Don’t forget the games, choose from a few cornhole bean bag throw games and a mini golf set. They truly think of it all. From garden tote bags with a seat and full set of tools, to and Emergency side of the road kit, even a massive tool box full of goodies for the mechanic in your life.

Lastly I would check out their licensed products. Perfect for gift giving if someone is keen on something customized like Disney, Star Wars, Sports Teams… they have a TON of items! Want to share the news of an upcoming trip to Disneyland? You can surprise them with tickets in a Mickey Mouse tote! Love Disney princesses? Check out their Snow White cheese board! Geek alert, check out the R2D2 collapsible table. They even have options to have your company logo added to items if you are ordering in large quantities.

Check out their catalogs online to get an idea for size of what you’d like. Their product lines include Picnic Time, Legacy, Oniva and Toscana. All their products also come with a lifetime guarantee ‘Built to Last’. Enjoy making your Christmas list and bonus – FREE SHIPPING! Order here;