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Revive Superfoods


Looking to start your day on the right foot? It all starts with a healthy breakfast to jump start your day. What better way then a morning smoothie full of nutrious ingredients. Revive Superfoods delivers healthy smoothies straight to your door, frozen, and ready to go, just add your favorite liquid, blend up, add a straw and sip away! They take all the work out of your morning routine so you can simply grab and go! They also have overnight oats, simply add some liquid and leave it in the fridge overnight! No prep required and perfect for a balanced diet! Each recipe is delicious and nutritious with fresh organic ingredients all posted right there on the package.

My favorite part is choosing my smoothies as they have toooons of flavours! Like Blue Cacao with blueberries, banana, kale, avocado, dates, cashew butter, maca and more. To Liquid Gold with mango, carrots, pineapple, papaya, ginger, turmeric, chia seeds and coconut oil. They each show their health benefits too like the Pink Dragon is for stress relief and the Morning Mocha for cleansing. Then they have a few flavours for the overnight oats like Carrot Spice and Banana Nut! Plus you can rest assured that everything is plant based and gluten free!

Just choose how many cups and how often you’d like your delivery. So you can do weekly deliveries of 9-24 cups or monthly options of 12-24 cups. They start at $5.99 a cup and include free shipping! Use code KELSEY50 to get 50% off your first order! They even have wholesale options that start at $3.99 a cup. Order here;

Saffron Road


What’s your favorite kind of food? That’s probably one of my favorite questions. Mine? Asian Cuisine all the way, with favs been East Asian and South East Asian. Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, Malaysian, Indian… drool, I love it all! Saffron Road offers world cuisine from frozen entrées to simmer sauces, and hors d’oeuvres to broths, they have a little for everyone depending on how much or little preparation you’d like to do to get an authentic tasting meal. There are so many items to choose from, not to mention the majority of them are Gluten Free with tons of Vegan and Vegetarian options! They use local, sustainable products like pasture raised lamb, all-natural and antibiotic-free chicken,

I think my fav is the prepared frozen entrees as they are simple enough to grab and go for a well balanced meal. They have entrees like Pad Thai, Tikka Masala, Paneer, Vindaloo, Thai Green Curry. Then they have frozen bowls like Udon, Ramen and other fun bowls like Ginger Salmon, Mango Chicken… are you drooling yet? They also sell chickpeas, naan, lentil chips, nuggets and simmer sauces like Stir Fry and Moroccan, yum!

Want some inspiration? Check out their website packed with recipes on how and when to use their items! You’ll be happy to know you can find their items all over the place! Including in Canada, yaaaaaa! Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, Rite Aid, Haggen’s, Safeway, Walmart and more! Order here;

Saffron Road



I have a new and interesting product to share! Ever look at your phone and think about how filthy it is? I do all the time, so went out in search of a product that will clean away all the germs. I found PhoneSoap and reached out to try their product. It’s a UV-C sanitizer which uses light to kill germs and bacteria. This product claims to clean 99.99% of germs and bacteria (wow!). Do you know how dirty your phone is? Google it… apparently it’s much nastier than a public toilet seat! Barf!

You can put your phone, keys, wallet, pretty much anything that will fit in the small box. It even has a small for a cord so you can charge your phone while your at it! It just takes 10 minutes to do it’s job.

I like how they give back as well with their PhoneSoap Cares program. Want 10% off your order? Use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL and order here;

The Bowl Maker


I noticed Cary Lane’s beautiful sculptures during a visit down to Bellingham last year. I’ve always wanted to try sculpting and loved her story on falling into the ceramics industry. Having such a passion for art is admirable and then I saw her work. Its fun, creative and exploratory with different shapes, colours and made from scratch in her home. My favorite items of hers are the Lucky Cups. There are a few different sizes from small to XL each with different animals, and bowls with different cute lines. Each have different splashes of colour and different stories as they are all hand painted. Here we got;

  1. Lucky Koi – my favourite, I love the colours and the meaning, as koi are known to represent wealth and good fortune.
  2. Lucky Bison
  3. Lucky Unicorn
  4. Lucky Hummingbird
  5. Sparrow

The lucky cups range in price based on size from $10 for the Small hummingbird size to $16 for the XL bison size. She also sells poem books, mermonkey craft kits, Large mugs for $16 like the yellow sparrow mug and even cards for $2 each which are far better than your typical Hallmark card. You can also purchase some of her original pieces, pint glasses and don’t forget her sale section which is full of goodies! You can find her products all over Washington and scattered throughout the rest of the US. Order here;


Rotzy’s Mad Batter


My favorite goodies you ask? I am obsessed with nougat, marshmallows and cookie dough. Yes cookie dough! I remember as a kid we were told not to eat it but these days you can order it by the bucket! Whaaa? This is my first time having an actual order of cookie dough to eat all myself! No cooking this dough into batter, just snacking away at it, yuuuum! Rotzy’s Mad Batter has quite a few flavors to try, we got 4 small containers to try including Birthday Cake, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter. Drool.

Oh but wait, they have toooons of other flavors! From snickerdoodle to s’mores, caramel apple to PB&J, you’ll find lots of M&M’s, Oreos, Kit Kats and other treats in yours! They have cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, cannoli’s, little mad batter bites which are perfect for sharing. They also have dough shots and pops for on the go treats. Having a party? They have 1 quart party packs and the best part? They have adult goodies too with booze! Never heard of that before! You can get your push pops infused with Fireball, Crown Royal, Bacardi and more! Want some for your pups? They have doggie dough as well! They ship across the US and costs range but about $8 for each flavor of cookie dough. Order here;




My latest obsession? Mous! I’ve never heard of them before a month ago and now I can’t stop talking about them. My iPhone is clearly stuck to my hip. I’m on it all day long for work and personal reasons so I need a case that’s reliable but fun, but need it to be as close to unbreakable as possible without sacrificing the look and feel of the phone. Upon finding this company I was intrigued because I looove wood cases and theirs are super sleek and sexy.  The phone cases are obviously amazing as well. We went for the walnut and the bamboo which both include screen protectors. You may have heard of this company as they’ve really tested the limits to how much protection your phone should have. They’ve test dropped their phone from space… yup, seriously, they just threw it out of a helicopter, off a crane, smash-proof, well the case at least, don’t try it at home! 

What I didn’t expect was to become obsessed with the accessories! I went for the Flip Wallet and the Flex Mount and now I don’t know what I did without them! The Flip Wallet is perfect, why did I never use one before? The magnet in the phone connect so the wallet so it stays still without having to be tied down or tucked in. It’s perfect for events, my lunch hour walks and is comfy to hold. Then the Flex Mount, perfect as well! I have mine locked on my desk at work and it’s super convenient. The magnet in the mount connect to the wallet and phone so my phone can just sit open on my desk ready to go! It’s super adjustable and uber convenient. Now I’m just jealous that I didn’t get more accessories! Time to order up mooooore! I want 1 of everything! Their Popcord is awesome, a super useful keychain cable. I really need to get my hand on their vent mount too, I’ve probably gone thru about 6 different vent mounts and they are all such bad quality!

They offer an array of cases for iPhone from 6 to X as well as Samsung Galaxy cases from 8 to 10. They have Clarity cases and their Limitless 2.0 cases which I love. The clarity cases lets you show off your phone with a clear case. The Limitless cases range from leather, carbon fibre, wood and shell. Amazing! My fav part is definitely the magnets, it really makes their accessories shine. Check them out! Their cases start at $55 which is a fab price, so just add a must have accessory and you get free shipping over $79! Order here;


Outdoor Pantry


Guess what I got to try for my very first time! Freeze dried meals! Whaaaa? Okay honestly I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently. How convenient to bring a delicious homecooked meal on your outdoor adventures! Outdoor Pantry is paving the way with some creative and yummy meals, snacks and treats to enjoy while camping, hiking, living in the boonies and more! They are an online store, formulating hearty recipes that will make you feel right at home with good quality ingredients and delicious flavors. This company is fun and exciting, motivating you to get outdoors and enjoy the wilderness with low waste. Bring the package and that’s it, not need for bringing all your ingredients and doing the impossible of a stew in the forest, just grab a bag and it’s ready to go! Much of the items you’ll find in your online store is handmade, lightweight of course for carrying convenience on those long trips, re-sealable and even heat sealed with an oxygen absorber which means you could keep it nice and fresh for years! These are amazing to have in your emergency prepareness kit as well, if you can resist saving them that is, shelf life can be up to 15 years which is insane!!!! What better way to stay prepared during a natural disaster, love it! Just add boiling water, although not all recipes even require it!

They have tons of options to choose from, from snacks, full meals to desserts! From snacks like fruit and yogurt to dessert with options like twinkies, yes you heard right! They even have ice cream and delicious ice cream sandwiches… insane! They have breakfast options like oatmeal and egg scrambles. They have soup, asian dishes, traditional meals like stews and turkey dinners, sides like biscuits & gravy… the list goes on and on. We tried;

  1. African Peanut Stew
  2. Homestyle Turkey Dinner
  3. Beef & Lamb Gyro with tzatziki
  4. Impact Mexican Chocolate Coconut Cookie

I gotta say, I’m craving more and can’t wait to order more to keep on hand in my hiking bag and to keep in my emergency preparedness kit. They taste really good and not like they were out of a bag. Crazy! They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you are hesitant and they ship throughout the US. Order here;