FigBerry Box


FigBerry! Cute name, fun and tasty concept! Each month you will receive all natural ingredients to make easy and delicious tasting treats that are gluten free, vegan and raw! They are simple and fun to make and only use 100% plant based ingredients, egg and dairy free of course! You can expect premeasured packs of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and spices to create the recipe of the month like last months Gingerbread Bliss Balls, this months Cocoa Cranberry or January’s Blueberry Bliss Bites, yum! You will also find a recipe card to recreate them in the future and nutritional facts of that months ingredients. Didn’t realize how healthy ginger and flaxseed are! Woot! 

Mmm bliss balls are one of my fav snacks, FigBerry how ever did you know?! I haven’t made them for awhile but a few years ago I was obsessed with creating different kinds. So easy as pie to make, just throw it all in your food processor then roll them up! They are the perfect little snack for a kick of energy or a fill me up. I’m excited that they are gingerbread too, perfect for the holiday season, and never thought to make gingerbread style ones! 
Starting at only $16.95 with free shipping and use code FIGYUM for $10 off your first order! Order here;

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