The Pickle Queen



What a hilarious name, the Pickle Queen! I’m pretty sure I’ve been called a pickle queen before which is hilarious. I am OBSESSED with pickles and all things pickled. The Pickle Queen has an earring subscription that they send you 2 pairs of stud earrings monthly. Funny as I never used to be able to put earrings in or wear them, I actually had to wear stick on earrings in high school! Then my mom tried to pierce my ears and I blacked out! So happy I can finally wear earrings, and nice ones at that! The little package that they send is adorrrrrable! It’s this little 3-D triangle with a message that you pull out to unravel, I don’t know how they do it, but it’s just the most creative thing. (Teach me how!) Okay, now for the earrings! Sorry I like to ramble sometimes! They have super cute themed earrings, in this month they have the little watermelon’s for a BBQ and a pair of cute orangey pink ones too. Some other favorites I found on their site are the rain/cloud, the pickles of course, the jar of pickles are hilarious and they also have other cute items like necklaces and push pins made of polymer clay. Order here for under $9 a month with shipping;


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