808 Lifestyle Crate


All the way from Hawaii it’s the 808 Lifestyle Crate! This is a fun box for men and women, you’ll get some fun clothes andaccessories straight  from the island! Just choose from the basic or standard box, they are coming out with a premium soon, then choose from men’s or women’s, both are similar but women’s you’ll see tanks, rompers, dresses, bikinis, and jewelry. Men’s you’ll find hats, watches, hoodies and the they have some stickers and stuff. Just choose from urban or traditional. The basic box will include a premium item of clothing and 2-3 other Lifestyle products. The standard wil have 2 premium clothing items, and the premium even more! In this box;

  1. Sunglasses – sweet wooden sunglasses, they are my fav item for sure!
  2. Hat – funky blue cap, pop of colour for sure. 
  3. Tee – Star Wars tank , super cute! Also an off the should shirt ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. 
  4. Magnet – artsy one of a kind print that I put on my fridge. 

Starting at $39.99 for the basic with a retail value of $55. Then the Standard box for $54.99 with a retail value of $80. Lastly the Premium box for $79.99 and a retail value of $130. Order here;


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