Trendy Butler



I am loving this concept, is there a trendy butler for women???  Their style guru is kick-ass, getting you the latest trendy outfits, pants, shorts, jackets, shirts… Start by creating a little style profile, are you Casual? Stylish? Little more fancy? Let them know your shade preference, pant style preference, sizes and leave the rest to them. I checked out their past box examples and they really are great at picking an outfit, I’m hoping they read this and maaaaybe create the same for women, please? 🙏🏻 They have a great return and exchange policy too, don’t like something? Special requests? They’re there to make you happy, great customer service.

In this box; the tee is awesome, (Stylo Demin $60 bucks!) you can’t see in the photo but it has zippers on the sides, goes great with these funky jogger pants (Civil Society), just had to try them on and they are incredibly comfy. Even the shirt alone is worth the cost of this box. How do they do it?!

Get over $150 worth of clothes for only $65 a month, with free shipping and use code BOXGIRL10 for $10 off and you don’t even have to lift a finger! Oh and ladies, check out the hottie models on their Instagram page! 💁🏻 Order here;


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