One of my all time favorite products since starting have been the amazing phone accessories from MOUS. I’m happy to say I got some new items to share! Join me with my obsession for these magnetic wonders! Bringing you sturdy and reliable products like phone cases in gorgeous wooden designs, lightning charging cables, wall and vent mounts, mini and full cover phone wallets and more! Upon finding this company I was intrigued because I looove wood cases and theirs are super sleek and sexy, we absolutely love our walnut and bamboo cases that come with super funcational screen protectors. You may have heard of this company as they’ve really tested the limits to how much protection your phone should have. They’ve test dropped their phone from space… yup, seriously, they just threw it out of a helicopter, off a crane, smash-proof, well the case at least, don’t try it at home!

What I didn’t expect was to become obsessed with the accessories! I finally got a new vent mount, I’ve been through about 10 in the past 3 years, that’s excessive, but finally I have one that’s strong, secure on the vent and safe for my phone as the others all looked like they would break my phone, and they almost did a few times as my phone would come flying out of them while I was driving! Fear not, Mous is strong and secure! Loving the Wall Mounts as well, I have one in the kitchen where I put my phone so I can follow along recipes, and a beside mount to keep my phone in place. The charging cable is awesome too, super fast and durable! I’m obsessed with my Flip Wallet that I keep on my phone at all times, the magnet is such a smart idea! Loving my new mini wallet too, it’s great for the bf when he just needs ID and a credit card, or great at events where I just want my phone and some business cards. Then the Flex Mount, perfect as well! I have mine locked on my desk at work and it’s super convenient. The magnet in the mount connect to the wallet and phone so my phone can just sit open on my desk ready to go! It’s super adjustable and uber convenient.

They offer an array of cases for iPhone from 6 to X as well as Samsung Galaxy cases from 8 to 10. They have Clarity cases and their Limitless 2.0 cases which I love. The clarity cases lets you show off your phone with a clear case. The Limitless cases range from leather, carbon fibre, wood and shell. Amazing! My fav part is definitely the magnets, it really makes their accessories shine. Check them out! Their cases start at $55 which is a fab price, so just add a must have accessory and you get free shipping over $79! Order here;

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