Cray Cray Crate


Happy Birthday to me! Literally! This box was one of my favorites because it was literally made just for me! This is the Cray Cray crate and a perfect gift option! It’s a personalized crate that is exclusive for each person! You won’t be getting the same items as anyone else, so it’s perfect to spoil yourself rotten, go on, do it, but also great for having them find the perfect gift for you for someone else! Can’t find the perfect gift for your dad? Hard to find something special for your boyfriend? Just let them know what their likes are and let them do the hard work for you, they are pretty much your own Personal Shopper! No more spending countless hours (or days!) at the mall, searching in every store. Just get some details down and sit back and watch the smile on the receivers face. I tried SOOO hard not to open this box, but seriously, I couldn’t help myself. I literally peeked inside, then tore a little corner here, then another corner there, then I found myself feeling guilty for not waiting to do a live unboxing. But seriously, once you see the fun box and the pretty paper all wrapped up like a Christmas present, you won’t be able to resist. They have a few different tiers to choose from;

  1. Premier – You’ll get 2-3 items for $85.
  2. Gold – You’ll get 4-5 items for $150.
  3. Platinum – You’ll get 5-8 items for $300.

All the options come with a one time box option or a subscription, because who doesn’t like to open presents once a month! Subscriptions are my favorite because they just keep showing up on your doorstep like surprises every month! In my box I got some amazing items based on my like and preferences. You can add as little or as many like as you want, some items you might get based on your preferences include art, books, tech gadgets, games, accessories, tools, kitchen or home decor, collectibles, and more! I mentioned that I like cooking, traveling, capturing moments, cannabis and other items and based on that they created the perfect box for me which included;

  1. Where Cooking Begins by Carla Lalli Music
  2. Cooking with Cannabis by Goldrich Wolf
  3. Snap touch PolaroidCamera
  4. Spice Pen

Order here;

Home Of The Crazy Curated Crates

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