San Diego – What to do – Part 1


Visiting sunny San Diego? Local Californian? Whether your a local or a visitor there are tons of ‘must do’s’ to take advantage of in this beautiful city. From hopping over the border for a day trip to Tijuana (famously known as TJ) to roaming the exciting neighbourhoods like Little Italy, Liberty Square and Old Town. During my most recent visit to my second home I was able to go on a ton of adventures as I acted like a Tour Guide, and some of them were absolute musts that I had to share.

Adventure #1 – Speed Boat Adventures

What a better way to see the city then flying around on a little speed boat on the water! You’ll get to see stunning views of the downtown core, the gorgeous skyline of the city, cruise around the harbour, hug the coast peppered with sail boats, pirate ships and USS navy ships like the Midway.

This adventure is a must if you love the water, carving around at full speed, zooming in the wake of the others and getting some air on some jumps. I got to drive the boat for half the trip and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing as I cruised around at full speed with the other boaters.

This company is amazing because it’s so simple and easy! Just register for your selected time and date and how many boats you’d like, or share one with a loved one or the family. Then just show up, grab a life jacket, get a quick demo and your on your way! You’ll have a tour guide in the front boat leading the way and speakers to hear them give you some interesting facts along the way!

You’ll love this adventure, and even get to see some sea lions! There were a ton of them around the fishing boats, and some were even waving to us! Oh and guess what! This company is in Florida and South Carolina too! So check em out if your over there! Coming soon to LA and San Fran too! Find out more here, and book your next adventure today!

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