Passport 500

What’s your favorite part about traveling? Mine is exploring the diversity, culture and global sensation that you can feel when you travel country to country. Each with their own way of life, arts, culture, food and experiences. Do you want to travel the world from your living room? Passport 500 is a subscription bringing you products from all over the world. Morocco? Japan? South Africa? How exciting! That was actually the reason I got into blogging in the first place, was to experience different foods, products and cultures when I didn’t have the time or money to travel. With this subscription you can feel like your walking thru their local market! Best part? This company supports women all over the world as well, 500 is actually for the 500 women around the world they would like to meet on this journey of theirs, how fun! ‘Who Run the World? Girls!’ Heehee – thought I would sneak that in there. This is a quarterly subscription, so each quarter you can expect 5+ hand selected items, perhaps some home decor and fashion accessories plus the passport of stories from the women behind the product, and culture details like recipes and fun facts. In this box;
  1. Leather ‘City style’ Backpack – I’ve actually just started wearing backpacks and love them, this one is great and super durable.
  2. Handmade all-weather lumbar pillow – perfect as I just gave away my old pillow cover, love the colour.
  3. Pashmina – wow this one is gorgeous, so colourful with the purples, blue and pinks. Great as a shawl.
  4. Bracelet – a love this bangle type bracelet, cute markings, will def wear this.
  5. Serving tray – haven’t decided how I want to use this just yet, perhaps for trinkets or styles up with a candle and other decor on the shelf! Love it!
All these items were from Marrakech, Morocco. I’ve always wanted to go there so now it feels like I have! A stroll through their market would probably bring me to items like these, and these are actually items I probably would have picked out for myself! This is their first destination so you can still get this box or up next is a secret location in South America! Starting at $89 a month including shipping, cheaper than booking a flight and heading there yourself that’s for sure! Order here;

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