Mary’s Secret Ingredients – Summer Box



Looking to try something new in the kitchen? Mary’s secret ingredients are just that, those hard to find items that will spruce up your yummy meals. I’ve really enjoyed this box, and can’t wait to try out that lemon curd and julienne some veg on my fancy salads. Love how their Facebook page has recipes for each of the items in the box! This quarterly subscription is full of sweet or savory products, spices, sauces, and even a kitchen tool! I also really like that you can buy their past items in their marketplace as well, linking you to the exact ordering spot! In this box;

  1. Carrie Mae’s chia seeds crunchy strips – So yummy, I usually buy something like these in bulk to snack on but these ones are gourmet and homemade making them that much better!
  2. The English Provender Co. lemon curd spread – I’ve always wanted to make something with lemon curd! Finally! Now to head to Pinterest to find some recipes! This will be yummy on scones, mmmm blueberry scone with lemon curd, drooool, maybe even an ice-cream sauce… yes, or a dip for toast!
  3. The English Provender Co. caramelized red onion chutney – perfect for burgers, spreads, and oh so good on cheese and crackers.
  4. Chef’s cut honey bbq chicken jerky – Shared this on a road trip and everyone LOVED it! Soooo moist and delicious, only wish it was a bigger bag, such a tasty flavor too.
  5. Gustus Vitae taste of Provence – Perfect seasoning blend with flavors from the French Countryside, good in soup mixes, on roasted veggies, or seasoning on some fish or chicken.
  6. Sabatino Tartufi truffle zest – Ohhhh lala so fancy! 3 little packets of this taste of heaven. I love truffle anything, always use truffle oil in my dishes, so this truffle seasoning zest is perfect for that dash of flavor.
  7. Joseph Joseph rotary peeler – what a useful took, this 3 bladed peeler is perfect for julienne, serrated, or standard. Can’t wait to start julienning! Is that a word? Doesn’t matter!

Starting at only $27 a month with free shipping with a 4 box subscription or $34 a month, and the best part? They are supporters of the Feed The Children program, love those that give to a good cause, and this one is great. Another bonus, subscribe to their newsletter for a free cookbook! Order here;


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