Chef’s Plate – Steak & Balsamic Red Wine Sauce



Vancourites I’ve got a good one for you! Welcome to ChefsPlate! Thank me later! They deliver you full meal recipes and ingredients. This is probably one of my new favourite local companies, I can always use some help in the kitchen and look at this yummy dish I’ll be making! It’s literally the easiest thing, you pick which meals you want to make and that’s it… They deliver ALL the ingredients and the recipe to make it perfectly! How can you go wrong? So pour yourself a glass of wine and follow along! Some things I learnt about myself during this boxes cooking.

1. I like to cook with music on wearing the cooking apron my mom made me (she sewed it out of a dress, she’s quite the impressive lady!!!!) I like to listen to Spotify, you could probably follow me on there (if u can find me ­čśë) fore warning I listen to a wide variety of music!

2. I like to dance and drink wine while cooking, yes both at the same time.

3. I’m not the best cook but I’m trying, and I love it. I learnt a few things at this night school cooking course I took at Langara college earlier this year and am proud that my food always taste half decent! Haha

Order your plates today, this company ships in BC, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba (sorry southern folks!) they start at only $9.75 a plate with free shipping and get the first 3 plates FREE with code #SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL here;


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