Ever wonder what your pet is doing at home all day? Want to feel safer when you are away from home? Going on holidays and want to sure your packages aren’t taken from your front step? There are tons of reasons to get a camera system, and there are so many companies to choose from offering different types of methods and programs, apps and subscriptions. The best one I’ve found that I’ve been gushed about to my friends and family is the Wyze Cam. From their simple cam setup to their user friendly app (works with iOS & Android), they’ve got it all! Simply set up your cam in the location of your choice, link the cam to your app and your set, literally that’s it, I was surprised how simple it was! There is no subscription or monthly fees necessary. Just turn the cam on or off, or choose from tons of options that you can customize with the click of a button. Want to turn your motion detector on during your work hours when you are away from home? No problem! Want to speak to your mailman to leave the package at the front door? They have 2 way speaking options where you can hear and speak from your cam! Middle of the night? They have nighttime vision so you can see what’s going on all the time, including the option to pan around the room, zoom in, take photos and record what you see.

I went for the Wyze Cam Pan for our living room so we can watch our cat Callie throughout the day. It’s calming to watch her look out the window to watch the birds, eat her kibble, and nap… pretty much the rest of the time. With a heart condition, we felt like we needed a way to ensure she was okay throughout the day, and this cam has calmed our nerve in such a way that we are so grateful for. Not to mention we can get notified if the smoke alarm goes off! Talk about being rest assured! We also got the Wyze Cam v2 as our backup to watch her in her other sleeping spots in the home. These cams have already saved our butts on multiple locations, including saving us from almost flooding our house and when we had an unexpected visitor, we were notified immediately that someone went into our place, even sending us a recording as proof! Super helpful and reassuring!

Not only do they have multiple cams to choose from but they also have an array of other products including plugs, lightbulbs, sensors and more! Easily control your plugs and lighting from a voice command or push of a button on your phone. Forget to turn off your straightening iron at home? You can turn it off from your phone! Want the lights to turn on when you get home? You can do that too! Easily programmable settings allow you to go on vacation but still turn the lights on so it looks like someone is home. Or preset the mood for dinner or breakfast time. Their products work perfectly with Google Assistant and Alexa! You can easily set timers and turn on vacation mode.

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