Kali Box


Ohhhhh I’m loving the Kali Box! It helps that Kali is also my cats name, but this is a new fav for lady products! Bringing you your gear for that time of the month, aka YOUR PERIOD! Don’t shy away folks, it’s natural! Each month you’ll get a cute little pink box full of tampons, liners, wipes and a bunch of extra goodies to keep your spirits up during that dreaded week (or few days if your one of the lucky ones!). They only use 100% hypoallergenic feminine products made with the highest quality of certified organic cotton. No added chemicals, synthetic fibers, chlorine bleach, dioxins, or dyes, rather you’ll find ethical and sustainable products only. Each box can be personalized for your preferences because hey, no two women are alike, so why would their periods be? Just fill out the online quiz with questions like how long your period is and how heavy your flow might be, if your more of a tampon, pad or cup kinda gal, if you prefer cardboard or plastic applicators, what other extras you might require like liners and wipes, and if you want to Luuuux is up with some fancy Kali products. You can also pick from pre-packed boxes if you want to stick to the basics. 

They also have a teen box, so good to have one handy if you have a daughter getting to that age! I like how they’ve also partnered with Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation´s adolescent girl campaign as well, which promotes health, safety, education, and leadership of girls in developing countries. Order here and us code kelsey to get 50% off your first box!



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