Box of Crafts



Are you Pinterest mom? Looking for new ideas for activities to keep those kids busy? I’m not that creative or imaginative when it comes to activities like some of the moms out there (my sister!) which is why the Box of Crafts subscription is perfect! It’s an adorable kids subscription full of arts and crafts to help mold those little minds! This month is back-to-school themed with 3-4 different activities perfect for kids aged 4-8 (although my 3 year old nephew is pretty advanced so will love this!) and includes all the supplies! The first is to make the fruity pencil toppers, these are adorable and fun to make for your little toddler to show off at school, this pairs great with the next item which is a no-sew pencil case, to keep your pencils and school supplies in. Did you and your young ones get a chance to watch the Olympics? They’ll love the next 2 then, the first is a little flying marshmallow catapult, fun to test out with the family after dinner, and the winner? Wins the gold metal you can make yourself! How cute! Loving some of their past ideas, so creative! You can also buy one of their previous boxes for only $25, so the activities are endless! Looking forward to the Halloween theme next month with mummies and monsters!

Starting at only $18 or $22 a month depending on your selection and free shipping, plus use code SUMMER for your first month free when you sign up for a subscription or FALL for 50% your first month. Order here;

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