Honi Essentials

I’m very new to the essential oils world and am falling for it harder than expected! Honi Essentials definitely helped! They send you 3 surprise 15ml bottles of therapeutic grade, 100% pure essential oils each month. Each box will include an info sheet with suggested uses. I love how powerful essential oils are. Each can do so many different things from clearing the mind, body and soul, to bringing up old memories, cleaning, medicine or just aromatherapy! Made from distilling and extracting from plants, flowers, leaves, bark, peels and more, and full of natural benefits from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. There are hundreds of uses for different essential oils. It suggests blending a few drops of each in this months for an Easy Breathing Blend. In this box;
1. Lavender – Mmmm I love lavender, it reminds me of the spa. This will be one I use to relax with a glass of wine in the bath. Or maybe in the car to keep me calm! They mention that it is Steam Distilled from France and is good for mental decompression and its calming effects. Lavender Oil also has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, heals burns and wounds, helps sleep, improves skin conditions and more!
2. Eucalyptus – I love the smell of eucalyptus, it reminds me of my trip to Costa Rica when I was younger, that and Tea Tree oil. It does the trick if I need a quick distraction, a scent that calms my mind instantly and takes me to a happier place. They also add that it is Steam Distilled from China and is good for awakening the senses (couldn’t agree more!), and provides mental clarity. There are so many uses for Eucalyptus! It helps with a cold or flu, allergies, odor remover, and so much more!
3. Lemongrass – Reminds me of my trip to Asia! Steam Distilled from India and helps boost confidence and makes you feel refreshed. It’s been told that it helps with headaches, stomach aches, muscle pain, kills germs, and boosts energy! 

Only $34.99 a month with free shipping, (only $29.99 if you sign up for a year!) plus use code BOXGIRL20 to get 20% off your month to month subscription, FOR LIFE!  You can also purchase past boxes or individual essential oils for as little as $12.99 in their online store which is perfect as I’m getting jealous that I missed a few great oils already and I need to start building up my collection! Love how their instagram page has so many great suggestions on was to use the oils and make some great recipes! Order here;


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