WildLove – Key necklaces



So I need to introduce you to one of my favorite accessories. WildLove key necklaces. Each with a story to tell, these keys hold a wealth of history. This one piece was found in London in 1939. I’m going to imagine it belonged to a Secret Garden, which is why I chose to have this piece photographed in the beautiful community garden across from my work. I’ve only had this piece a week but have worn it every single day, it makes me feel like I have a secret, the key to success, the key to happiness. You can check out Megan’s collections online at the link below, I love how she believes in taking something you love and making it great, which are words of wisdom she gave me, encouraging me to take my blog further hence the new changes I’ve added! I love how the keys come from everywhere, what girl doesn’t want a skeleton key that no one else in the world will have? One collection has keys from 1904-1967 found all over the world, the Paris collection has keys from 1904-1919.

This key is part of the Ball & Chain collection although they have silver and brass chains as well as double chains which are beautiful. There are so many different meanings to keys, keys in general symbolize knowledge and mystery and the unlocking of secrets, skeleton keys can generally open more doors so have a higher symbolism of power, silver keys represent enlightenment, gold keys represent well-being. You can order online here, or if your a local Vancouverite then you can find them at FineFinds in Yaletown!



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