Wolf Clothing Co.


Yassss a new type of subscription coming your way! I love when companies come out with new ideas and Wolf Clothing Co, who I originally found from their fabulous socks in so many fun guys subscription boxes, has done just that. Introducing the shower subscription. Sending you a full shower kit on your first subscription which includes 3 250 ml aluminum bottles, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a loofa. All you have to do is choose your scents, choosing from peppermint or lavender for the shampoo and conditioner, and from sandalwood, orange or peppermint in the body wash. After your first month, you’ll get bi-monthly refills sent in 250 ml refill pouches along with a fresh loofa. This Canadian subscription uses cruelty-free, vegan and natural ingredients, is paraben and sulfate free and is biodegradable, not to mention it’s in recyclable material which is a sustainable way to get your shower products using 60% less plastic than your typical store bought bottles. They use ingredients like rose hip, ginseng and burdock root to hydrate and strengthen your hair, and ingredients like aloe vera in the body wash to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Their full shower set is $64.99, then the refill packs are $34.99 a month plus free shipping! You can also get individual bottles if you prefer to just buy one or the other, the full sized shampoo or conditioner are $24.99, and the body wash and loofa ate $29.99. Try them out today for free, and get 3 mini bottles, just pay the shipping! Plus these little sample bottles are perfect to bring a travel sized portion on vacation! You’ll get 25% off your first order when you sign up for a subscription so that $64.99 will drop down for an added bonus! Woot!

Looking for socks? That’s where this company started off, making great quality and fun styled socks in tons of different styles, designs and colours. Only $13.99 a pair or get a box set of 4 for $44.99. Order here;


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