Canadian Originals


Ooooh Canada!!! 🇨🇦 Feeling proud of being Canadian today! Loving the new subscription Canadian Originals, it truly is the perfect box if you love local and you love hand crafted, artisan, handmade quality products. Each month you’ll get a collection of goodies from the True North, perhaps jewelry, bath products, treats, home decor items and more! Such a fun box to get this month before Canada and for our 150th this year! In this box;

  1. Handpainted rustic HOME sign – I smiled pretty hard when I saw this. I absolutely love it, and know all my Canadian friends will too! While unwrapping this I was so excited, I knew it would be my favorite item in the box, and sure enough it was!
  2. Hugo & Nate Caramels – mmmm my weakness! Had to take this photo quickly so I could enjoy all the caramels… perhaps in one sitting.
  3. Coin – Ohh a fancy $.25 cent coin here for the 150 anniversary! I actually went to the Royal Canadian Mint while visiting Eastern Canada when I was in high school so this took me back to that day!
  4. Maple Leaf Necklace 🍁 – Such a Canadian item! I’ll have to wear this down in ‘Merica to really represent my northern roots! Super pretty with the dropped down piece.
  5. GICLÉE Art Print – How beautiful is this 150th anniversary Canada print? Love the watercolour look, so fun. Will have to keep this for my fridge for sure, too pretty.
  6. Carberry Soap – Mmm smells yummy and is super cute! Such a mix of colours!
  7. 9senses Candle – I only like going for yummy smelling beeswax candles, they’re just better don’t you agree?

Looking for more of an items you loved? They will soon have an online store once the first box is out so you can order more! They will also have a Gentlemen’s box and a Baby box for purchase once up and running for $70 and $55 respectively. Starting at only $48 a month, so a steal for sure! Order here;


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