Salt Will Save the World


Head over heels for this new box! Salt Will Save the World – loving the name and theme of this box. It’s actually true, salt is the most essential mineral and one I love, craving salt all the time! Each month you will get 6-10 products including a new artisan salt. Perhaps your get body products, gourmet food items, and more! Travel the world with your taste buds, one salt at time. My favourite food is Mexican too so I loved this perfect theme for May and Cinco de Mayo! Pretty sure it’s tequila time folks! In this box;

  1. Martini glass – perfect for the Paloma I’ll be making tonight 
  2. Martini shaker – shake it up! I surprisingly didn’t have a proper martini shaker before this, so bring on the fancy cocktails! 
  3. Himalayan salt shot glasses – at first I thought these were candle holders and confused as to why they weren’t wider, but they are shot glasses! How fun! Seriously! It’s tequila time! 
  4. Mayan Sun tropical sea salt – this salt works well for a margarita and Paloma rim and is lovely on roasted veggies! All the way from El Salvador and made by trapping ocean water in man made ponds made from mineral rich volcanic soils! 
  5. Monroe’s salsa – the hottest salsa I have ever had! 🌶🌶🌶 Although delicious at first, it took a long time for my mouth to cool down! Straight from New Mexico and mouth watering! 
  6. Late July tortilla chips – with a hint of salt of course to stick with the theme! These are the best tortilla chips, luckily chip’n’salsa are my fav snack st home, so I opened these immediately after shooting this pic! 

I cannot even wait for their next both with the Peruvian theme! I looove Peruvian food and can’t wait to see what they have in store! Sign up as a founding member for a sweet deal, only $255 for 6 months, that’s only $42.50 a box and a steal based on what they had in this box! Order here;

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