Coffret Chocolate


Chocolate obsessed? Who isn’t! Get your fix monthly with a chocolate subscription by Coffret! You will get high quality, world class chocolate delivered straight to your door, oh and not just 1 flavour, but many! This Canadian company has fun packaging that tells you the flavor profile and details of each bar, from where the cocoa bean originates from to the subtle tastes you might notice. You can expect a box full of any type of chocolate related items not limited to chocolate bars, truffles, barks, hot chocolate, chocolate covered fruits or nuts and more!

You can expect some delicious Canadian made chocolate curated by the experts around the country! With delicious chocolates from one shop each month, not to mention that shop chooses the selection themselves! Find out why they chose those specific treats for you to indulge in. In this box we have 5 single-origin chocolate bars from a chocolate company in Ontario called Hummingbird. They chose for us 5 bars that are all 70% dark chocolate, but the cacao all comes from different distinct geographical areas, something that is new to me as you’ll get to try each bar and see how there are subtle differences despite having the exact same 3 ingredients. We have;

  1. Zorzal – cacao from Dominican Republic with apricot and pecan notes.
  2. Copán – single origin Honduran cacao with toasted almonds and caramelized sugar notes
  3. Oh mama! – cacao for this bar is from Nicaragua with brown sugar and butter notes
  4. Cap-Haïtien – Haiti of course with notes of fudge and raspberry.
  5. hispaniola – this one had cacao from Dominican Republic with cherry and raisin notes

Something great is that $1 from every box is donated to a charity of the chocolate maker’s choosing, which you can read what company they chose and why in your box! Hummingbird chose SchoolBOX to donate to this month, they support over 20,000 children and teachers in over 100 Nicaraguan communities with school supplies each year. Only $40 a month plus shipping. Order here;

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