Phone Case Of The Month – Lemons



I love switching up my phone case so like the concept here. The quality of the case are really good and how creative are some of their past ones? Loving this months super cute summery lemon vibe, great pop of colour! ‘When life hands you lemons, RUN screaming because life doesn’t have hands!’ Love it. This subscription is great for those that want a colourful accessory, PhoneCaseOfTheMonth. As long as the case is easy to switch out then I’m a happy camper, and I drop my phone enough to know a phone case is absolutely necessary! Stand out and sign up for this unique subscription, they make limited edition cases that you won’t see in stores. The cases are made of Poly Carbonate and ABS with a silicone coating for a soft to the touch feel and comes in a fabric bag and fits any iPhone or Samsung. I checked out their past cases and I actually like every single one, I would be happy with all of them!

For only $5 for your 1st month and $10 there after (or as little as $7.40 for a long subscription!), that’s a pretty good deal! Better than grabbing one of those boring ones in the mall that are always overpriced and break! Order here;



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