Pet Gift Box – Basic Training



One of my top 5 favs here again. For those of you who don’t know my full time job is working at Animal Services up in BC, Canada. My job is to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage people to adopt and don’t shop and licence their dogs to ensure if they get lost that we can return them home to you, there are far too many dogs in shelters these days, so many shelters with countdowns on these poor dogs that were abandoned or left for nothing. Looking to adopt? Check out;

So more about the box, PetGiftBox is a subscription box for your pet! Dog, cat, small, large, old, young, doesn’t matter! They even have monthly themes! This months theme is Basic Training, Army Style! In this box;

  1. Loving Pets gobble stopper – We already tested this out with Lulu this morning for her breakfast and it worked! This is the slowest we have ever seen her eat, which is extremely helpful! She is tiny but a little piggy just obsessed with her kibble.
  2. Knotted ball rope toy – This I will have to bring to my dads dog Bodie, he’s a yellow lab pup with big strong teeth unlike my little ladies who are too small for it.
  3. Military bandana – this makes Lulu look so tough!
  4. New recruit crinkle toy – Lulu and Tia love these crinkle squeak toys!
  5. Troop treats – They were trying to eat the bag! They loooooved these!

The boxes start at $18.99 a box with 4-6 treats and toys, the value of this box is $41 so a great deal. You can also get points towards free boxes. PetGiftBox supports America’s Vet Dogs, providing assistance to veterans with disabilities. Order today to support the dogs and use code Subscriptionboxgirl to get 50% off your 1st box and please check out their Instagram page to vote for your favorite rescue or shelter to win them a $50 donation, what a great idea for them to do that!

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