Save on Meats – The Greasy Spoon Diner – Supper Series

Have you ever experienced one of the collaboration dinners at Save On Meats in Vancouver? Then your missing out! Every month, Save on Meats hosts an exquisite four course meal paired with drinks, and I have to tell you, it’s out of this world! With world renowed chefs and an amazing fine-dining meal, not to mention award winning bartenders stiring up a storm some of the finest cocktails, beer & wine that pair perfectly with each course. The best part? This is all to raise money for A Better Life Foundation.
This month we had chef Alexandrea Fladhamer from Fiore Restaurant (she’s also worked at Ask for Luigi and Burdock & Co.) come in for Vol 41 of the Supper Series. What made it even more amazing was a private show by Rising Appalachia which I was pleasantly surprised. These sisters were raw and moving and had everyone in the room quiet to enjoy their stunning voices. Ok, now to the food and drinks!
Course 1 – Pilsner & Cherry Radler from Strathcona Beer paired with Cherries 3 ways with honey baked ricotta, rye cracker, arugula and cherry vinaigrette. I’ve never tried this beer before but it was delicious, my favorites are radlers so it was up my alley, and cherry is my faaaav flavor in beer and cider! The Cherries 3 ways was delicious. Perfectly done and that ricotta was one of my favorite items of the night! That little bit of honey paired with the vinaigrette was the perfect touch as well.
Course 2 – Herbed de Vine Gin Cocktail paired with Tempura Squash Blossom with zucchini salad, pumpkin seed vinaigrette, mint & oregano. This course smelt soooo good, it looked super fun and tasted like a pumpkin harvest should! The zucchini was done perfectly, and that cocktail was my fav of the night, I’m a huge fan of gin cocktails!
Course 3 – Kentucky Mule with Wayward Distillation Krupnik & Ginger Beer, paired with BBQ Pork Ribs with radish and turnip pave, pork jus, mostards and mustard greens. This was my favorite part of the night! Those ribs just fell off the bone and were perfect…. seriously perfect. I’m so happy we didn’t have to share because I would have politely declined… I looooove ribs. The pave was delicious as well, and very visually appealing! That cocktail was the perfect match too, it was a little spicy with the ginger beer and was oh so tasty!
Course 4 – Stout Milkshake with Tofino Brewing Stout and Earnest Ice Cream paired with a Graham Cracker Doughnut with toasted meringue and chocolate creme patissiere. The ice cream in the stout was so smooth, it was hard to imagine that it would taste good, but I trusted the process and mixed the two and was pleasantly surprised! The toasted meringue was delightful and I was stuffed at last! Overall? Amazing meal & experience!
Save on Meats partners with groups like A Better Life Foundation because they know first hand about those in need. They are located right in the hub of the downtown Eastside of Vancouver and are doing their part to help fight back against hunger and poverty. This foundation looks to increase food security for women and children who are fleeing violence, as well as provide training and employment opportunities which providing a hearty and healthy meal. They feed about 1000 Vancouverites a year, and aren’t stopping anytime soon, they’ve served almost 2 million meals to date!!!!
Save on Meats has been around since 1957. I had only been to them for my first time about a year and a half ago with Mark Singson of FAM Inc and it was actually one of these events. He made a SOM inspired burger with beef carpaccio a broken down roast chicken with a poached egg, chicken skin and buttered popcorn, a fish and chip dish and an apple pie dish with cinnamon pork puff, and it was amazing, and experience I would never forget. I was so moved by it, the generosity of the guests, providing monetary donations to give back to those in need, it was moving. They provide equal employment opportunities for those who may not find employment elsewhere, such as those with mental health issues, physical disabilities, those with a criminal record and others who just aren’t given the same opportunities at a career. The restaurant itself has an affordable menu for everyone in the community. From an All Day Breakfast for only $5.95 to a a hearty burger and side for under $9.
They have served over 88,000 meals to those in need and have tons of programs giving back including 2 ways of supporting this Foundation. Firstly they have The Greasy Spoon which pairs amazing chefs from around the country and bring them in to create a diner inspired meal paired with cocktails made by award winning bartenders, as well as beer and wine. You’ll sit in social tables where you can interact and connect with like minded individuals also looking to make a difference. Each ticket helps feed and employ those in need, so open your wallets folks!
They also have Plenty of Plates which is an opportunity for you to give back by cooking and serving wholesome meals to those in need. They also have a Token program which gives warm clothing to those in need. Each token is $5 and good for a pound of clothing at The Rag Machine which is a high quality recycled clothing store where everything they sell is about $6 a lb. They even have sandwich tokens too! Just purchase a token and choose where you’d like to see it used, such as the VPD, Women’s Health Collective, Rainier’s Women Clothing or leave it up to them to allocate where the funds would go. They have a diner, sandwich window, butcher, not to mention they offer cooking classes like canning, sausage making, and even do catering for events like Weddings!
Want to learn more about the impact they’re making? Here’s their Social Impact Report;
They are located at 43 West Hastings, Vancouver so go down and give them a visit! Want to attend a Greasy Spoon Supper Series?
Click here;

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