Bennett’s Boxes


Ahhh this box made me smile even before opening it! The packing was amazing with the rose on top of the package and so delicately wrapped. Let me introduce you to Bennett’s Boxes. Carefully curated gift boxes for any occasion. This is a Canadian company that sources from all local companies on the East Coast and Maritimes. Kinda jealous, so many amazing items coming from Nova Scotia and the other side of Canada! Choose from their curated boxes or a custom box. Loving so many of them, they have curated boxes for men, women and children! Here we have the Journey’s Box with;

  1. Dulcie Chai Tea by Teageek’ery – loving this amazing Nova Scotian grown hand blended tea. Mmm smells so good, and has some spiciness to it!
  2. “The Best Box” from Lure Caramels Co. – holllly moly! Amazing caramels, simply amazing. There was one that tasted far better than a Turtle which are my favs. Drooool. Hand dipped and drool worthy. 
  3. Succulent – aww man this little guy died in transit so trying to revive him! I’ve said it before but I do not have a green thumb whatsoever, but I’ll try!
  4. Celtic White Mug from Island Stoneware – So pretty! Love this amazing piece of pottery, a new fav mug for sure!  Made by hand with the Celtic Knot which reflects Irish & Scottish heritage. Love! 

Their speciality boxes start at $60 and go up from there. Or you can purchase individual items and create your own box! Order here;

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