Small Batch Dispatch


BEER ALERT!!!! Looking to get local Canadian beer delivered straight to your home? Small Batch Dispatch curates, sources and delivers the very best small batch craft brewski’s straight from Ontario to your doorstep. They have a few subscription options to choose from including the a half size that comes with 4-5 beers which is $35 a month, or the full size which is 8-9 beers for $65 a month. Shipping is $15 within Ontario or $19 across Canada. Here we have an example of the half size subscription with 5 unique beers. I love that they send all different kinds, we absolutely love trying new beers, that probably one of my favourite hobbies is visiting all the new breweries to try out new beers, and going to the bottle shops to see what new items are out around town. This saves you the trip and brings you new and exciting beers each month without you having to do anything but crack one open and enjoy! We got some super fun ones like the Peach Sour from Grain & Grit Brewing, a Pina Colada Milkshake ISA from Collingwood Brewing, a Helles from Block 3, Barleywine from Rouge River and a Pale Ale from Redline Brewing. If you were luckily enough to get the November box before it sold out then you can look forward to beers like a Raspberry Spice Saison, IISA, American Porter, and a blueberry & cranberry sour. DELICIOUS!

Another amazing option is to pick up their Advent calendar! I would say that either option, a subscription, advent calendar or single box would be an amazing gift idea for a birthday or Christmas which is just around the corner! Their advent calendar has 25 unique beers for $170, how excited would your loved one be to get one of those on the first of December? I wouldn’t be able to wait till December!!!! With over 250 breweries in Ontario, your sure to get some amazing new beers!

Be sure to check out their website for other tips and tricks. They have a blog where they post recipes using beer, they have local brewery tours that you can jump in on (a must if visiting!), you can buy glassware, and add-on bottles in their online bottle shop. Found an amazing looking Passionfruit Sour in their bottle shop, a must try for sure! Order here;


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