Dona Jo & System Jo


Oh lala sexy time! I was so excited to hear from this company, nothing more fun than trying out new products, and these ones are a little more ‘fun’ than others if your picking up what I’m putting down. 😏 I wanted to try it all so went for a variety of items. They have a few lines to choose from. Whether you want to pamper with bath salts, bubble bath, shave gel, and more. Or if you want to entice with products like linen spray, lingerie wash, and diffusers. Also the play, with massage candles, body paint, massage candles and more! So many types to choose from, they have the naughty, flirty, sassy and more! What do we have here;

  1. Be Romanced Gift Set – looking to set the mood? This is all you need! This is an aphrodisiac & pheromone infused romance kit. We have rose petals, a back massager, candle, scented massage oil, linen spray and and bubble bath. 
  2. Linen spray – tried out both this and the above one and like it! Never used a linen spray before and it’s a nice touch to add a subtle sweet scent to refresh the bedroom.
  3. Toy sanitizer – always useful!
  4. Body topping – oh lala, me likey! 
  5. Massage butter – goes on smooooth to making the massage that much better.
  6. Kissable massage oil – getting better, why not get a little frisky during that massage? 
  7. Oral delight arousal gel – strawberry and fun! 
  8. Flavoured lubricant – can always use a little lube! 
  9. 12 volt clitoral stimulant – mini little sample that goes a long way! 

Be sure to check out both lines for tons of fun and playful products to choose from! Check out the second website for some fun flavoured lube, as well as warming and cooling options! Let the fun begin! Order here;

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