Love With Food – March Box


I’m always so excited for the Love with Food box and to see what new treats I’m in store for. New companies, new flavors and trying something out of my regular comfort zone! Snack time folks! Life is sweet when you have Love with Food sending you snack packs every month! They are the perfect choice for those looking to try new and yummy junk-free, organic, all natural snacks and treats. They include all sorts of goodies that are hard to find in store and available for purchase in their online store if you just can’t get enough! They also have boxes available for your office, small taster boxes, and even gluten free boxes! In this Deluxe box we got;

  1. Nutter Puffs – haha whaaaat the? These are so fun! They are like peanut butter cheesies and really good! Tastes like a spoonful of pb!
  2. Laiki rice crackers – not a fan of rice crackers, and I’ve got these a few times
  3. Lemon snackaroos – yummy macaroons
  4. Fruit bites – strawberry and blueberry açai flavoured and delicious little bites.
  5. Brownie Brittle – a typical to get in boxes
  6. Jolly oak crunchers oatmeal cookie – I’m a huge oatmeal cookie fan! Reminds me of my love for cowboy cookies.
  7. The Buddha bowl pink Himalayan popcorn – delicious and love the packaging
  8. Ginger chews with mango flavour – yum! Love these!

Order today with free US shipping and a free box for an annual subscription and includes 8+ items. The Deluxe starts at only $16.50 for 16-20 items and a free bonus box for an annual subscription, with free US shipping and $3.99 international shipping. The Gluten Free box starts at only $19.99 for an annual subscription and includes 10-12 items. Bonus, for every box they send out they also donate a meal to someone in need at a food bank, make that 2 free meals for the Deluxe and Gluten Free boxes! Bonus bonus, each item you review after trying in your box gets you points, save up your points and use them in the store for free items!!! Get your first box for only $5 with this link;

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