HouseBox – April Box


image.jpegHouseBox was my first to review and is still a favourite and must have! I’m once again shocked that there are so many great products in this little box. April is all about Spring Cleaning and this box has everything you need to get started!

In this box;

  1. Dizolve Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent – amazing how they finally thought of detergent in little eco-strips! These are much better for the environment and your clothes, and lucky for me I’m almost out of detergent so making the switch moving forward!
  2. Laundry Tarts sweet spot stain remover – I’m the girl that wears a white shirt to work and spills my coffee on myself while walking in the building…. this thing is going everywhere with me from now on!
  3. JBK Pottery pot minder – I told my mom and sister about this and we are all surprised we had never heard of it before! Reminds me of the last House Box with the Teddy Bear that keeps your brown sugar from clumping (among other things).
  4. Tupperware – A working girl can never have enough tupperware, this tiny blue container will do just fine in my lunch box!
  5. Dark Horse Farms 100% natural soap by Beelites – lovely smelling handmade soap, I could smell it right when I opened the box! Free of all the chemicals and nasty add ons that other soaps have.
  6. Yogi Tea – Certified organic tea, haven’t tried these flavors so looking forward to it!

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with this box as was I with the last. HouseBox is a Canadian subscription box company that delivers natural and hard to find household products to your door bimonthly from $18.99 a month! I’m impressed with the info provided on all the products included, and I surprisingly learnt a ton from each of these products!

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