The Alabama Pecan Company


Are you pecan obsessed? I don’t know about you but pecan rolls, pralines and pecan pie are some of my fav sweets. Oh and I love crushed pecans in my salad! Mmm yum! Not to mention they are super healthy! Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! Luckily there’s The Alabama Pecan Company to get me through my pecan fix!

They specialize in all things pecans, from 100% natural pecan oil for cooking, to pecan meal for baking. They have whole, halved, and pieces, or get them still in the nut and purchase a nut cracker to open them yourself! My fav would be all the coated pecans, from candied, orange, honey crunch, hickory smoked, yogurt coated, you name it, they have it! They have pecan seasoning, pecan butter, candles, brittles, tarts, pies… oh man, are you drooling yet? They even have pecan coffee freshly roasted in Auburn!

I would suggest getting one of their pre-made gift baskets full of the favourites. It’s a great gift idea for the nut obsessed! They offer free shipping for order in the US but they ship internationally as well! Order here;

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