Styleyes Fashion Crate


One of the hardest things I have to do everyday you ask? Pick an outfit! My day job is in an office so I try and dress Business Casual, but who has the time to pick out a different outfit every single morning! I feel like as long as you have the interchangeable basics then you are on the right track. That’s where Styleyes Fashion Crate comes in, they are the a clothing subscription box for the modern women in the workforce. Just choose between the Intern or the Established box with the Business Casual and Business Professional look. The Intern crate is perfect for those starting out and needing the basics that are budget-friendly. The Established crate is perfect for those already in the workforce and looking for find some new looks at a moderate cost.

Each month you can expect professional looks made with high quality material, not to mention it will save you time and money from having to search out your own looks. You are pretty much getting a personal stylist for your work attire which is fun! You’ll get pants, tops, sweaters, all the gear to keep you looking cleaned up and professional. I like how they have a questionnaire so they can fit the box to your specific needs. Do you want to show up certain assets? Hide others? What about your favorite colours to wear? Plus of course, your lifestyle and what kind of job you have so you can dress the part. 

In my first box I got some sleek black dress pants, a fun flowing white blouse, and a super cute green button up sweater. The pants fit perfect, they are super easy and just slip on which I like. The white top wasn’t necessarily my style but I know how to work it! Loooove the green sweater, it’s my colour so will be perfect for the office.

Starting at $25 a month you can get a box of clothes each month. If you don’t like the item, simply return it, and pay for the items that you decide to keep, returns are free! Want to keep all the items? That saves you an extra 20% off! The Intern Crate items range from $40-80 CAD and the Established Crate items range from $70-120 CAD. Plus a flat rate $10.00 shipping fee. Order here;


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