Beaver Box – Summer Box



I would have to say this is a new favourite. I love that this is a Canadian company that brings you the very best from across our great northern country. Made by Canadians and their small businesses for Canadians. I loved everything in this box, great quality products that you likely have never tried, mostly from the Okanagan, which has some great artisan shops. In this box;

1. Beach tote ‘Beach Life’ – love this tote! Taking it to the beach today! Ontario girl on etsy, she makes some super cute scarves and makeup bags too, love the puzzle and anchor! But this bag is perfect, great for the beach or grocery shopping!

2. Polar stones – I’ve been waiting to find a quality company that makes these so pretty happy that I finally found some! You just freeze them for 4 hrs and they keep your cocktail or whiskey nice and cool. The best part? These don’t water down your drink! Hello!!!! Since they’re made with soapstone and are non-porous they don’t change your drink at all! Love this company and their bottle openers too, I waaaant!!!!

3. Blue Hills lavender deodorant and sunscreen. – just in the nick of time! I have no sunscreen… And was about to go on vacation up to Penticton so wore this amazingly smelling sunscreen all weekend! Can’t believe how good it smells, and it rubs in nice and smooth with SPF 30, love the deodorant too! Natural products with a light lavender scent! They are based on the Okanagan too, wish I could go find them on my trip here!!!! Their linen spray and Bug B Gone spray are essentials that I need to try!

4. Tout de Sweet – Ooookay I love marshmallows and these are homemade and flavoured! Chai, mango and coconut…. Ermergerd. These were devoured immediately! Bonus. A piña colada lollipop too! This company has some sweeeet treats, caramel? Lavender, Rosemary, chai, London fog flavoured caramels… Drooool. Inexpensive too! Please send me one of each!

5. Live true design ring – hard to see in this pic but very much my style!!! Can be worn as a ring, toe ring, knuckle ring…  Was stuck starring at all their cute jewelry for 20 mins, love the Luna necklace, chokers and bracelets!

This subscription is an absolute must, can’t wait to see what’s coming up!!!! Only downside is that it’s a quarterly subscription…. I would want it monthly!!! Starts at only $50 a month and save $5 with code NEWBEAVER which is a steal since this box is worth far more than that! Order here;


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