Blueprint Coffee


Looking to fulfill your caffeine fix? Blueprint Coffee from Saint Louis has some delectable coffees to choose from on their online store, from one of their 2 coffee bars in St. Louis, as well as a few coffee subscription box options, perfect to get your daily fix!  They ensure that their coffee is high quality, great tasting, and roasted with you in mind. What’s fun is they also hold events for the public or partners like Milk Steaming Training, Cupping, Tea Tastings, Espresso Training, Latte Art and more!

For subscriptions they have options like their single origin sampler which features 3 single origin coffees in 8oz bags of whole beans to get a variety of flavors. They are $40 a month including shipping. Here is their current selection of coffee beans for sale online;

  1. Nariño Select from Colombia with hints of orange cream, dark chocolate, brown sugar and caramel, yum reminds me of baking!
  2. Boma from Kenya with hints of cherry, black tea, peaches, blackberres and plums.
  3. Worka – Legese Lemiso from Ethiopia with hints of lemon, honey, lime, jasmine, and apricots.
  4. Finca Esperanza from Guatemala with hints of brown sugar, molasses, maple and nougat.
  5. Tektōn V.16 from Colombia and Rwanda with hints of cereal, caramel, banana and apples.
  6. Penrose V.22 from Guatemala this is the espresso blend.
  7. Decaf Huila Ea from Colombia is the decaf blend.

They also have tons of other stuff on their online store including tea, coffee brewing products, tons of merchandise and more! Order here;

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