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Your Morning Grind


Looking to get your coffee fix? We have Your Morning Grind coffee subscription bringing you craft, high quality,  roasted coffee to your door each month. Each month you can expect a box with four different bags of 1.8oz of whole bean coffee, each from different roasters! You’ll get roast notes, the story of the sourcing of those coffee beans or some fun facts. They also include a treat inside each box, so we got a yummy little biscotti in this box. The great thing about this subscription is that it allows you to try a bunch of different roasts from different regions so you can find out what you like best whether it’s a dark roast from Brazil or a medium roast from Ethiopia. Just pick how often you want them to send the coffee. In this box we have;

  1. Honduran Marcala from Revolution Coffee Roasters with a Medium Blend
  2. Columbia Santander from New Holland Coffee Co with a Light Blend
  3. Harvest from Electric City Roasters with a Medium Blend
  4. Peru from Gerhart Coffee with a Medium Blend

Starting at only $18.75 a month for a year subscription, along with free shipping! Use code subscriptionboxgirl for 10% off. Be sure to check out their online store for all your coffee supply needs as well including tools for your Chemex, Aeropress and more! Order here;


Coffee Beanery

Coffee time! Grab your cup and fill’er up with the Coffee Beanery! I’ve got a mouth watering coffee subscription and great gift idea coming your way! I’m NUTS about my Nuts About Coffee Crate that they sent over, so many yummy flavors in this box. They have tons of crate options to choose from which are great for gift giving for the holiday. Here are the pre-selected coffee crate options;
  1. Christmas Coffee Crate – 12oz bag of Merry Mocha Mint, Cinnamon Holiday Blend and a travel mug.
  2. Dessert Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Blueberry Cobbler, Creme Brulee, German Chocolate & Frosted Carrot. Seriously, how amazing does that sound?
  3. Fantastic Flavors Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Hawaiian Coconut, Cafe Caramel Cream and a travel mug. 
  4. Nuts About Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Swiss Mocha Almond & Vanilla Nut Cream. 
  5. Fruit Coffee Crate – 16oz bag of Caramel Apple, Blueberry Cobbler, Michigan Cherry & Chocolate Raspberry. 

That’s just the start though. Check out their website to find TONS of options. Ranging from $20 to $300! Perfect for gifts for coworkers, friends and family, you can literally get all of your shopping done in one website visit. They have everything from coffee and tea machines and equipment, hot cocoa, tea, decaf and specialty coffee galore! Their beans are hand-selected, roasted & flavored (where necessary!) to bring you fresh and amazing smelling coffee! They use only the best high quality Arabica beans, ground or whole bean, and they even have kcups! Find out more and order here;


Tayst Coffee


Love coffee? Love the environment even more? Me too! Luckily TAYST brings you 100% compostable Kcup coffee pods, so no more plastic waste! Oh and those shiny bags? Those are all compostable! Insane right? In the past I’ve steered away from coffee pods but this is the first company I’ve seen that cares just as much about the environment as they do for their great tasting coffee. We tried the Hazelnut first and I’m obsessed. It’s subtle enough for the fancy coffee drinkers while ‘tasty’ enough for me, as I like mine a little more flavourful and robust. I’m obsessed with that red camp style mug as well, and the back of it is hilarious with a quote ‘Save the Earth, it’s the only Planet with Coffee’ – how perfect is that? I’ll have to write that on my next sign at the protest (yes I attend them when I can). Just choose how much, what kind, and how often you’d like your coffee pods delivered, than sit back and enjoy! I’m a big fan of the packaging with the burlap and clothes pins, the funny quotes and the attention to detail. They have lots of options to choose from; home delivered where you can choose from 30, 40 or 60 pods, or office deliveries where you can get a box full of goodies including jars and labels to hold your pods, plus a few of their adorable coffee mugs. Seriously they are awesome. Be sure to check out their online store where you can purchase these items individually like their cold brew canisters, coffee jars, individual fancy pants mugs with cute quotes and more.

They have quite a few different brews to try from including bold blends, medium roasts, vanilla creme, hazelnut (my favourite!!!) and even decaf! They work in Keurig and Nespresso machines. So how do they do it? They use a combo of paper, compostable material including the ink, bioresins from the coffee bean skins themselves, then the delicious coffee is in a bio-based mesh filter. They are doing what the can to become a zero waste company which would be a hard feat to conquer, but doable! They are also partnered with the Rainforest Alliance, so every cup you buy, you are helping to support families and communities where the coffee is grown. 

Starting at only $22 a month for a 30 pod pack and going up from there, they can even fulfill orders of 2,500! Now that’s a lot of coffee! Not to mention it’s a perfect gift idea for your coffee obsessed co-worker, boss, friend or loved one. Use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL30 to get 30% off your first subscription box! Order here;

Rhinos Coffee House


Mmmm dooonuts and fresh brewed coffee. Is there anything better? I have to say Rhinos Coffee House in Tofino has some of the BEST donuts (or doughnuts if your fancy) I’ve ever tried! I stumbled across them on my latest visit to Tofino and had a chance to try and abundance of their products (I was a little hungry)!

Day 1 – Coffee and donuts. Let me tell you, the Maple Bacon is an absolute must, and their vegan stuffie? Drool worthy for sure. You better get there early or you’ll miss out on the donuts entirely! Day 2 – Breakfast Bagel. Drool Drool Drool… seriously, I’ve never had such a delicious breaky bagel, mmmm bacooon. What’s even better? They have a BRONUT, that’s right friends, it’s a breakfast bagel on a donut! Ermergerd. Day 3 – Matcha Green Tea Latte and another donut and another breakfast bagel (I couldn’t resist!!!). That latte was perfectly sweet and so yummy! Luckily I made it in time for donuts before they sold out! Day 4 – Stocked up on all the coffee options to take home and keep enjoying.

They have an online portal for you to pre-order, as it WILL be busy, it’s a hot spot! They also offer catering and international shipping. You can buy their gear online like hats and mugs. You can also purchase some of their coffee online, choosing from Espresso, Medium Roast and Dark Roast. I found some of their Surfer Coffee in store so stocked up on that one! Be sure to check them out if you are heading to Tofino or stock up on their coffee online! Find out more and order here;


La Colombe Coffee


Coffee, what keeps me going everyday! Just a little buzz from those fresh beans and I’m good to conquer the day! Here we have La Colombe bringing you fresh coffee to cities across the US including tons in California, and some sprinkled around Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and D.C. They work directly with the farmers to bring you best and freshest beans. Only high-quality for their customers! They have tons of coffee beans to choose from ranging from light to dark, with 7 darks, 15 mediums, and 6 lights, you’ll find a bean for everyone! Check out all the coffee beans they offer online and you can find all the details for each kind. From the story of the bean, to cupping notes and why you’ll love each specific one. What’s unique to them is their draft latte line. They have over 13 different flavors to choose from, ranging from Coconut Milk Mocha to Nitro Cold Brew Grapefruit, Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte to Nitro Cold Brew Lemonade. They even carry tea, tea equipment, coffee equipment and more!

Looking for a gift idea? They have tons of packages from coffee packs that have a range of types, to camping gift packs which include a grinder, mugs and and aeropress, a dorm package which is great for when the kids go off to college which includes a french press, kettle, coffee flask for class and more. Then they have gift packs for enthusiasts of Chemex, French Press, Tea, and so on! I love how you can buy pretty much everything you might need as a coffee or tea enthusiast, they have soooo many different kinds of coffee machines, presses and so on. My favorite? Subscriptions! Of course they have a coffee subscription, and even a draft subscription too! Just choose what kind of coffee or products you’d like, for example, you can choose to get only dark roast coffee, then just choose what size of bag, so a 12oz or 5lb bag, what type grinds you’d like, which includes a list of about 8 options, including drip, french, Turkish, percolator, stove top, etc, which is amazing! I love how they give you all the options in case you don’t have a grinder at home, just throw the ground in your machine and go! Then just pick how often you’d like to receive a delivery and for how long, ranging from 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus you can get free shipping for orders over $30 and they ship across the US and Canada! Order here;

Blueprint Coffee


Looking to fulfill your caffeine fix? Blueprint Coffee from Saint Louis has some delectable coffees to choose from on their online store, from one of their 2 coffee bars in St. Louis, as well as a few coffee subscription box options, perfect to get your daily fix!  They ensure that their coffee is high quality, great tasting, and roasted with you in mind. What’s fun is they also hold events for the public or partners like Milk Steaming Training, Cupping, Tea Tastings, Espresso Training, Latte Art and more!

For subscriptions they have options like their single origin sampler which features 3 single origin coffees in 8oz bags of whole beans to get a variety of flavors. They are $40 a month including shipping. Here is their current selection of coffee beans for sale online;

  1. Nariño Select from Colombia with hints of orange cream, dark chocolate, brown sugar and caramel, yum reminds me of baking!
  2. Boma from Kenya with hints of cherry, black tea, peaches, blackberres and plums.
  3. Worka – Legese Lemiso from Ethiopia with hints of lemon, honey, lime, jasmine, and apricots.
  4. Finca Esperanza from Guatemala with hints of brown sugar, molasses, maple and nougat.
  5. Tektōn V.16 from Colombia and Rwanda with hints of cereal, caramel, banana and apples.
  6. Penrose V.22 from Guatemala this is the espresso blend.
  7. Decaf Huila Ea from Colombia is the decaf blend.

They also have tons of other stuff on their online store including tea, coffee brewing products, tons of merchandise and more! Order here;

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Tipson Tea


Tea obsessed? Looking for an organic healthy tea? Tipson has a massive line of Matcha, Turmeric and Moringa teas that will suit everyone’s preference! They are great to enjoy in a pitcher of ice on a hot day as a cold brew, obviously as a nice cup of hot tea, and great with your favorite milk or dairy beverage as a special treat. I like mine latte style with some steamed milk. They have a ton of flavors to choose from but my favorites are Matcha Masala Chai, Moringa & Green Tea, Turmeric Peppermint & Clove and Matcha Mint but with 18 different kinds I’m sure you’ll find your own favorite! They also have lots more in the making including Blu P’Flower, Tulsi and Ashwagandha.

Each of their lines have many health benefits as well. The Moringa is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and is good for your hair, skin, liver, treating mood disorders and stomach complaints and more. Matcha calms the mind, eases the stomach, boosts metabolism and burns calories. Turmeric reduces arthritis symptoms, helps treat Alzheimer’s and boosts your immune functions.

You can rest assured that they source the highest quality of tea. They are even registered in Sri Lanka as one of the premier tea exporting companies as that is where their tea is supplied from, their tea gardens! So drink up and enjoy this healthy, gluten free, non-GMO tea. Check out their page for steeping guidelines if your a pro and other helpful tips and tricks! Don’t forget to use code SBGTIPSON20 for 20% off your order! Order and find out more here;