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Blueprint Coffee


Looking to fulfill your caffeine fix? Blueprint Coffee from Saint Louis has some delectable coffees to choose from on their online store, from one of their 2 coffee bars in St. Louis, as well as a few coffee subscription box options, perfect to get your daily fix!  They ensure that their coffee is high quality, great tasting, and roasted with you in mind. What’s fun is they also hold events for the public or partners like Milk Steaming Training, Cupping, Tea Tastings, Espresso Training, Latte Art and more!

For subscriptions they have options like their single origin sampler which features 3 single origin coffees in 8oz bags of whole beans to get a variety of flavors. They are $40 a month including shipping. Here is their current selection of coffee beans for sale online;

  1. Nariño Select from Colombia with hints of orange cream, dark chocolate, brown sugar and caramel, yum reminds me of baking!
  2. Boma from Kenya with hints of cherry, black tea, peaches, blackberres and plums.
  3. Worka – Legese Lemiso from Ethiopia with hints of lemon, honey, lime, jasmine, and apricots.
  4. Finca Esperanza from Guatemala with hints of brown sugar, molasses, maple and nougat.
  5. Tektōn V.16 from Colombia and Rwanda with hints of cereal, caramel, banana and apples.
  6. Penrose V.22 from Guatemala this is the espresso blend.
  7. Decaf Huila Ea from Colombia is the decaf blend.

They also have tons of other stuff on their online store including tea, coffee brewing products, tons of merchandise and more! Order here;

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Tipson Tea


Tea obsessed? Looking for an organic healthy tea? Tipson has a massive line of Matcha, Turmeric and Moringa teas that will suit everyone’s preference! They are great to enjoy in a pitcher of ice on a hot day as a cold brew, obviously as a nice cup of hot tea, and great with your favorite milk or dairy beverage as a special treat. I like mine latte style with some steamed milk. They have a ton of flavors to choose from but my favorites are Matcha Masala Chai, Moringa & Green Tea, Turmeric Peppermint & Clove and Matcha Mint but with 18 different kinds I’m sure you’ll find your own favorite! They also have lots more in the making including Blu P’Flower, Tulsi and Ashwagandha.

Each of their lines have many health benefits as well. The Moringa is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and is good for your hair, skin, liver, treating mood disorders and stomach complaints and more. Matcha calms the mind, eases the stomach, boosts metabolism and burns calories. Turmeric reduces arthritis symptoms, helps treat Alzheimer’s and boosts your immune functions.

You can rest assured that they source the highest quality of tea. They are even registered in Sri Lanka as one of the premier tea exporting companies as that is where their tea is supplied from, their tea gardens! So drink up and enjoy this healthy, gluten free, non-GMO tea. Check out their page for steeping guidelines if your a pro and other helpful tips and tricks! Don’t forget to use code SBGTIPSON20 for 20% off your order! Order and find out more here;


Caffè Artigiano


Coffee lover? Where do you go to get your cup of joe in Vancouver? One of my favorite spots over the years has been Caffè Artigiano. I used to frequent the Hastings – Burnaby location once a week to treat myself to some amazing sweet treats and a fancy espresso drink on my way to work. From a wide variety of homemade baked goods, soups and sandwiches, to an array of delicious coffee beverages they have the food side of a cafe down pat. They are also cozy enough to relax with a friend to catch up or open your laptop to get some work done. They have delicious artisan coffee with some stunning latte art that is for sure Instagram worthy. Opening in 1999, and staying true to only brewing the highest quality coffee and being a trustworthy company that promotes sustainability in their neighborhoods. They offer lots of organic and natural products and are doing their part to reduce their impact and footprint on the environment.

With 12 locations across the Lower Mainland and a few sprinkled in Calgary, this coffee joint is a must for the Vancouverite. This week I got to visit the Yaletown location for my first time. Right across the street from the Yaletown skytrain, just grab a cup to go and peruse around town! I went for the Chai Latte with Almond Milk, mmmm the perfect amount of cinnamon makes this one of my favorite hot beverages. For lunch I had the Roast Chicken Panini, it was simply delicious with provolone cheese, sundried tomato aioli and a nut-free pesto on an organic ciabatta bun with arugula, soooo delicious. I definitly intended to eat it on the go but had to sit down and enjoy, the perfect lunch item! Some other items I muuuust try next time are the Ham & Cheese Croissant, the Tuscan Chicken Wrap that has roasted cauliflower, the Spartan Apple Muffin and the Spanish Latte… yum! Oh and did you know that they cater? Woot!

They have some really nice items for sale as well. A rack full of coffee that smells delicious, from the Artigiano House Blend with hints of nutty caramel, to the Classic Italian Blend with some dark chocolate, to the Private Reserve with hints of roasted almonds, and of course a decaf! Their stainless steel thermal tumblers are really nice too, perfect to use and save 10 cents on your coffee order! I’m absolutely in love with their cotton canvas totes, the Vancouver backdrop looks perfect with Science World and the mountains. They also support a great cause as it’s by a fair trade company in India called Free Set Global which supports women who were trapped in sex trade work, giving them new opportunities with a job and fresh start. 

Find out the locations and more info about Caffè Artigiano here;

Rampage Coffee Co.


Are you strong as an ox? Or at least like your coffee that way? Rampage Coffee Co has some strong ass coffee, enough to put some hair on your chest! Loving this Canadian company from Saskatoon with their premium high quality coffee beans. They are micro batches and roasted to order to keep the freshness at its highest!

Looking for a subscription? Sign up for a weekly, biweekly, monthly or bimonthly delivery with 40% off your first month and 10% after that. Want to try them out first? This is their sampler bundle and an absolute must try with a nice range to try out. From their Murdered Out dark roast and a Riot medium blend to the C-4 with some high caffeine and my fav! Order here;

The Barn Coffee


Oh how exciting! Coffee all the way from Germany! Which is funny as my best friend is in Berlin right now, I should tell her to go and visit! The Barn Coffee Roasters source and roast high quality single origin coffee. Quality, authenticity and sustainability are important to them when they choose their source of beans. Then back to Berlin for roasting. They have multiple cafes, sell their coffee in store, online, they sell products as well and sure to check out one of their locations if you visit Germany, and take advantage of the new signature drink the baristas stir up each month.

They also have a coffee subscription for those of you who want a daily dose, which comes with brew guides and coffee cards. In this box we got Los Ocotes with hints of blackberry and hibiscus from Honduras, and Huye Mountain with hints of pomelo and honey from Rwanda.

Starting at €16 with free shipping in Germany, to €20.50 for International. Order here;

Field to Cup – March 2019 Adventurer


Tea Time folks! This has got to be the most amazing tea subscription! Look how many massive bags we got here! Want to discover new, unique tea each month? Each month, Field to Cup will send you loose leaf, high quality tea. You also have the option of organic only. All teas come in resealable pouches, tea bags, a steeping guide, and free shipping of course! Plus they have free tea replacements, so if you don’t like it you get a replacement the following month. You also earn points for every dollar spent in their store. So many options for monthly subscriptions too!

They have the Discoverer for $27.97 and comes with 5 different teas, enough for 60+ cups. There’s the Explorer for only $14.97 a month for 4 different fresh loose leaf teas, enough for 20+ cups. Lastly there is the Adventurer $34.97 a month with 4 different teas, enough for 40+ cups with 2 of the teas being Premium.  In this Adventurers box we got 10-20 grams of each of the following;

  1. Premium Green Tea Organics Green Jewel
  2. Black Tea Organic Nilgiri Silk
  3. Premium Oolong Tea Formosa Bai Hao
  4. Premium Green Tea Bergamot Bliss
  5. Premium Pouchong Tea Plus Belle

They also sell some fancy tea pots in their store, really nice Borosilicate Glass ones. They even have a Japanese Cast Iron Teapot in one of their Gift sets. Their gift sets look just as exciting as their subscription boxes! So many amazing teas, so hard to choose! They have about 20 I’d like to try right away! The Mexican Hot Chocolate Black Tea, Carrot Muffin, Roasted Almond, Rooibos Pumpkin Patch, Vanilla Horchata, Almond Praline, Chocolate Cashew… okay I’ll stop now. Either way you can be sure you are getting the very best as they go the extra way to test their products. Order here;


Highnote Coffee Co.


Looking to fulfill your coffee obsession? Here we have Highnote Coffee Co. from California with an option for a subscription to get your daily dose of caffeine! They ensure that their coffee is high quality, great tasting, and roasted with you in mind. They’ve  done a cold brew coffee stout collaboration with companies like Golden State Brewery, yummmm! I need to try that! I think it’s great when companies collab with the breweries to make new fun beer. You can even order their coffee for events!

They have a few different options to purchase online. Choose from their beans from Africa the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere and really nice Guatemala Huehuetenango, a CO-Op Capucas from Honduras, from Mexico Oaxaca Sociedad Cooperativa and their Cerrado Mineiro from Brazil. Mmmm, can you smell the fresh coffee almost brewing? They also have decaf options like their Swiss Water Cascadia Blend, an Espresso Blend and of course, the latest craze, cold brew coffee. You can also find some of their merchandise for sale online. Be sure to find their single serve coffee pouches as well!

They have a great deal of $14 for a 12oz bag of the roaster’s choice beans so you can try out new beans all the time! Order here;