BoCandy is an international sweets subscription box that searches out those hard to find, exotic, imported, new and popular treats from around the world! They even have an Asian Box for those that just want candies and treats from the Asian countries, so might include some from Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc! They also send out office snack boxes, I believe these are more domestic type treats so not as wild in diversity!

I didn’t like how there was no insert, nothing that says where these treats are from or anything! I like to know what I’m eating, and most of these packages don’t have English on them so it’s hard to tell but I still love the diversity! Some of their past boxes look so yummy! Pocky, gummies, wine gums, s’mores… so many candies to try from around the world! So they have the BoCandy Big box, the International Candy Taste Box, the Premium Box, and the Asian Snack Box. Don’t like candy? Try their BoJerky Beef Jerky box! What’s in this box?!

  1. Megehka – this was a soft cookie type pastry – not bad!
  2. Cola candies
  3. Golden Fluff Animal Crackers – I like that these are whole grain with no corn syrup, so makes me feel better about eating them!
  4. Mini Cola – so adorable
  5. Byrd’s famous cookies – these are made in Georgia, peach cookies, yum!
  6. Milk candies – these are candies are from Japan, so many!

Starting at only $9.99 a month for the mini or $20 for a large box, plus use code SWEET for 20% off! Order here;


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