Lenity Soap



I love this brand and was psyched to get some of their high quality and products. Lenity Soap is a 100% natural, handmade, cruelty free line that makes vegan bath and body products. Their products are plant based and made with 100% organic vegan oils as well, now that’s something to smile about. This would be one of my favorites as their line is very attractive to the eye and the nose, mmm smells so good!

Now for all their products and what they sent me! They have an Epsom salt line made with pure essential oils and easily something to add to help let that stress drift away. I was lucky enough to get the Sweet Bliss with pink grapefruit and lime essential oils and the Sunshine which has sweet orange essential oils. Soooo jealous I didn’t get to try the other 3 kinds, but next time! I love using Epsom salt in my bathes, I only have a boring drug store brand at home so happy to have these lovely smelling ones. They also have bath bombs, I’m personally not a big fan of bath bombs so happy I didn’t get one or I would have been just a giveaway.

They also included Serenity Bath & Body oil, which is something I’ve never really used before and was excited to try! Full of plant-based oils and essential oils that leave you feeling hydrated, smooth, and smelling great!  They can be added straight to the bath or to slather on after! This one is full of Lemongrass and Cedarwood that will give you a rustic cedar smell, mmm so relaxing. Also with only certified natural ingredients like hemp, coconut and avocado oil!

Lastly we got the soap bars! I love the 3 I got, but they have 11 to choose from, and mmm they smell so good. We got the Cool Cat with a burst of fresh air with some Eucalyptus oil, spearmint oil and even peppermint leaves. Then the Happy Hippy with Lavender and Vanilla. Then the Winter Woods with Fir & White Pine oil and spirulina… oh by the way I’m mentioning the ones I want still! They all sound too good!

One of my favorite things about this company is that a portion of all their sales goes to helping support local animal sanctuaries including educating people on being compassionate to animals and contributing to their welfare, that is something that is close to my heart since I used to work at an Animal Shelter. They have a link of all of their favorite shelters in their area too, which is Calgary, another local Canadian company! Woot! Since they are supportive of animals I’ll remind people to spay and neuter your pets! There is so much overpopulation of animals, especially dogs and cats in the States! Those Southern states are just full of animals and it’s just terrible. Microchip and licence you pet to be sure they are returned back to you! And check out PetFinder.com if you are looking to adopt, and ALWAYS adopt don’t shop.

The prices are inexpensive. From their Soap Bars for $7 to their Epsom salts for $15. There is free shipping for orders over $50 and this is a Canada only company. Order here;



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