The DotBoxx


Happy 1st Birthday DottBox! Looking for more than just a ‘that time of the month’ box? The DotBoxx is a small mother/daughter owned subscription box and the very best period box, yes you heard me! Jam packed with feel good and look good products to make you forget for a moment how annoying being a lady can be. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but ‘that time’ is never a convenient or enjoyable experience, so let DotBoxx help change that! Indulge is sweet treats with your cravings, fix yourself a nice cup of tea and draw yourself a bath.

This box had all the basics including tampons, pads, Advil, wipes, hot packs, women’s cycle tea and more. Plus they had lots of treats including Project 7 champagne dream gummy bears and Godiva Birthday chocolates. Another bonus was the Boozy Happy Hour body care set that included a body cream, hand cream and body wash in a reusable travel tote bag.

Choose from the Basic box for only $15.99 with all your lady needs and essentials like pads, tampons, both, plus you can add pain relievers and sanitary wipes, plus they throw in a box chocolate I sprinted Treat and a full sized product. The I Want It All and my favorite for only $39.99 and includes 4 full sized products. That’s the box we have here, plus you can get it with or without your lady time essentials! There is also the Teen Box which is adorable and only $36.99 and includes a ton of fun and useful products for teens, customizable for whichever grade your in too! This is truly one of the best boxes for a lady! In this box;

I love how they give back to homeless teens and women in their community. Here are some coupon codes they have going on, and don’t forget, the more months in your subscription the cheaper it ends up being each month! Order here;

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