Love With Food – April Box


imageWas very excited opening this month! This box is filled with some exciting products, including one I had tried before and wanted more of!

Welcome to the April box!

Want junk-free organic all natural snacks delivered to your door? Starting at $7.99 for your first box, or $5 with the coupon code below, LoveWithFood includes all sorts of goodies that are hard to find in store and available for purchase if you just can’t get enough! The best part? Every box you order feeds a hungry child in the US, so give yourself a pat on the back while you snack away. I like that they include some coupons for new companies worth discovering, and have boxes available for your office.

#1 – Munk Pack blueberry acai flax oatmeal fruit squeeze – I absolutely loved this product. I didn’t really know what to expect and kinda felt like a baby eating from it but it blew my mind how tasty it was, tasted like homemade oatmeal, I would love to try the other 3 flavors, apple quinoa cinnamon, raspberry coconut and peach chia vanilla. Yummmm

#2 – Tasty organic fruit snacks – These were juicy and I couldn’t get enough!

#3 – Lorissa’s Kitchen korean barbeque steak cuts – Very tasty, and lots of other flavors!

#4 – Tea Candy green tea latte – these were actually quite tasty, I love green tea lattes so that helps!

#5 – Boulder Canyon coconut oil sea salt chips – Loving all the coconut oil chips out there lately, so many healthy options in this box!

#6 – Laiki black rice crackers – These were surprisingly good!

#7 – Honey Stinger cinnamon waffle – love this company, can’t get enough of their delicious products, and so many other flavors still to try!

#8 – Biscotti – Love biscotti’s, ate this right away, very yuuuummmmers

To get your box today for $5 OFF visit:

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