CutWater Spirits


Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum… what more could you want? CutWater Spirits in California is making some amazing spirits as well as liquors that will get you excited for happy hour! Just wish I could try them all! Like pronto! They even have different flavours of vodka, like horchata, habanero and hibiscus! Mmm the 3 H’s I love most! The Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum sounds amazing, made with pineapple and coconut. YUUUUUMMMMM! The Opah Herbal Liquor also sounds amazing with licorice and cinnamon flavors. They also have mixers like Bloody Mary mix and Mai Tai mix, with tons of recipes online to create a massive range of cocktails! They have so many canned mixed drinks to try, I need to order one of each! They have Whiskey Highball, Rum & Ginger, Rum & Cola, and also a Cucumber, Grapefruit, Lime & Orange Vodka Soda. To start with we got;

  1. Whiskey Lemon Tea – this is made with their Black Skimmer Bourbon, and a fav of mine, tastes a little like herbal tea with a twist of lemon!
  2. Gin & Tonic – made with their Old Grove Gin and their homemade grapefruit and cucumber tonic. Citrusy and an old classic!
  3. Spicy Bloody Mary – this is made with their Fugu Vodka, and is super spicy! I’m more of a classic Caesar kinda girl, but when in Merca’ right? You can go for the mild too, but a little spice is better!
  4. Vodka Mule – also made with their Fugu Vodka and some fresh ginger, bitters and lime.

I want to go to their tasting room in San Diego… like right meoooow! I’m back in San Diego this summer so will have to make a special trip out there for Happy Hour! Order here;

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