Kid Wonder


What’s my favourite thing to bring over for my nephews? Arts & Crafts! It’s the perfect gift to bring over to spend some quality time and see their creativity and imagination. This is the Kid Wonder box and my new favourite kids craft box. being creative with kids and not resorting to the TV is exhausting, and I don’t even have kids! I couldn’t imagine being that star mama-bear without a little help from companies like this one. Each month has an incredibly fun and exciting theme. This months theme is obvious, Dinosaurs with the Let’s Play Dino Discovery Box! Luckily this is one of Westy’s favourite things so this box was a perfect fit! In this box there were 5 bags of crafts, which I liked because we opened 2 to start and saved the others for the rest of the week. Their boxes include everything you need for a full day, or even full week of arts and crafts depending how many you want to get done! From making a costume, to painting, counting to creating, there is a little bit of everything to match the most exciting themes. In this box we got to create a dino face mask and dress up like a dinosaur, running around the house yelling “RAWRRRRR”. We built a dinosaur habitat with little dinosaurs, Westy actually made one previously for Halloween and it was AMAZING! Pinterest worthy for sure. We got to learn some dino yoga moves and track dinosaur prints, go on a dinosaur excavation and even hatch some fizzy dino eggs! They really think of everything for learning opportunities, from colours to numbers, to working with your kids to create something new and they provide you with all the tools from paint brushes to scissors as well as step by step instructions, even the box is useful, we used it to create our dino habitat! The themes are my favorite part, from Medieval, to Space and so many to come like Wilderness Explorers, Animal Hospital and Crime Stoppers. Looking for hours of endless creativity and imagination for your little ones? Just choose between 3 options;

  1. The Little Dreamers Box – This one is mainly for toddlers aged 3-6 and perfect for a growing imagination.
  2. The Big Adventures Box – Perfect for kids aged 5-8, letting them start learning the basics of history. Coming this Summer!
  3. The Junior Explorers Box – Great for the older kids aged 7-10 for them to start exploring the world around them! Coming this Fall!

Their boxes are only $29.95 a month plus $5 flat for shipping, this is a US only company! Coming up this month is Farming! Next Month is Pirates & Mermaids, use code PIRATES for 30% off your 1st order! Be sure to check out their simply adorable and creative website too! Order here;

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